Urinary and Genitals

Hematuria in Women (Blood in Urine)

Hematuria is the term for the presence of blood in the urine. Normally there is only a trace amount of blood in urine although there is a high quantity of the pigment deposits and other components present from [Read More ...]

Urinary Incontinence in Women

What is urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is a condition presenting as leakage of urine from the bladder. It is an embarrassing condition and impairs the quality of life severely. Urinary incontinence [Read More ...]

Kidney Stones in Women

What are kidney stones? A kidney stone is a crystalline mass that occurs in the urinary tract. As the name suggest, it originates in the kidney but may into and become lodged elsewhere in the tract. The term [Read More ...]

Painful Urination in Women (Dysuria)

Urinary painĀ  is the pain that is felt when urinating. It can be very mild and little more than a minor irritation or it can be severe and excruciating to the point that a person fears urinating. The most [Read More ...]
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