Addiction and Abuse

Addictions overview

Addictions People can become addicted to just about anything which gives them pleasure. Addiction is described as a chronic disorder which is characterised by the repeated use of substances or behaviour which [Read More ...]

Food addiction

Addicted to food Addictions to food are more common among women than men and the term used for addiction to food or over eating is bulimia, which is known for its cycles of binge eating then purging by [Read More ...]

Getting help for your addictions

Addiction help It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you have the most important step to making a recovery and being free from addiction is admitting the problem in the first place. The next step is [Read More ...]

Heroin addiction

Addicted to heroin Heroin is a powerful short acting analgesic which is used on a regular basis in hospitals to relieve pain; however it is also used in powder format to be inhaled through the nose or by [Read More ...]

Internet addiction disorder

Addictions With the internet being more and more readily available to people of all ages problems are beginning to occur from over use of it, it seems people can become addicted to using the internet. While [Read More ...]
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