Addiction and Abuse

Addicted to Exercise

Addictions Exercise is good for all of us when taken everyday in some form or other for short periods of time, it helps to keep us to keep fit and healthy, however some people can go to the extreme with their [Read More ...]

Drug Addiction

Addicted to drugs People usually start off using drugs as a way to escape the problems of daily life, drugs make them feel better, happier, remove worries for a short time and generally make the person feel on [Read More ...]

Gambling Addiction

Addicted to gambling Some form of gambling is available in almost every town today, from the simple slot machines to the up market casinos and of course the online casinos offering poker rooms where high [Read More ...]

Addiction to spending and shopping

Addictions All women like to shop it’s a well known fact and some men too, but how do you know if your spending and shopping habits have gone past something you just enjoy to becoming an addiction. If [Read More ...]

Alcohol addiction

Addicted to alcohol Alcohol is one substance that can be bought anywhere in the world at almost anytime, night or day yet alcohol is responsible for more deaths than all the other drugs put together. Alcohol [Read More ...]
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