Understanding Workaholism

Addiction to work

We have all heard of the term “you’re a workaholic” and the majority of us more than likely believe that it is nothing more than just a joke term.

However for some people workaholism does have true meaning and goes far beyond a joke, in fact it can tear their life apart and their family.

Workaholism is actually an addiction and if left to its own devices then it can become a very serious addiction that can have a profound affect not only on the person’s personal and family life but also on their health too. We all like to do the best job we can when working and like to get on the bosses good side, but when does this turn into an addiction? And what can be done about it once it has got a hold?

Working to the best of your ability is one thing but working overtime every night and then the weekends too is a completely different thing. When it gets to the point when you give up holidays, don’t take days off for sickness but rather go into work feeling ill, then this is the point of no return and a good indication that you are an actual workaholic. When it gets to the point where you are eating, sleeping and dreaming of work and get shaky, jittery and irritable when not at work and you are never home and your family begins to complain then this is the time when you should seek help.

So what brings a person to this point, the majority of people who are true workaholics are so because they have to be in control, the person cannot stand to think that if they are not on top of every situation at work then someone else could step in an begin to take over, to take their position, be on top. You become filled with over importance and it is this fear that drives a person to workaholism. However it doesn’t stop there the self importance and fear of losing it quickly turns into obsession and this leads to the vicious circle of anxiety triggered by fear sparking more anxiety and in turn more fear.

By this point your family could have given up all hope and you too, your only world now is work even though you are probably suffering from many of the commons symptoms that anxiety and stress bring, such as constant headache, aches and pains, panic attacks, trembling turns and palpitations to name a few. The only way to bring yourself out of this cycle and back to the real world is to admit you have a real problem and then do what seems like the impossible, take some time off work.

Depending on the severity of your problem you might with understanding from your friends, family and work colleagues be able to recover in just a short time but then again if the situation has gone on for some time you might need medication and the help of a Doctor to get back on track. However the important point to remember is that you can recover from workaholism just as with any other form of addiction however long it takes with a little support and understanding.

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