Warning Signs of Liver Problems

All organs in the body undergo some degree of strain and some point in our lives. This could be due to diseases, lifestyle factors, dietary choices or even psychological stress. Some organs are more prone than [Read More ...]


Definition Hepatitis is a medical condition marked by inflammatory changes in the liver cells. Hepatitis can be of two types sudden onset (acute) mainly due to infections and long standing (chronic), due to [Read More ...]


What is hepatitis? Swelling and inflammation of the liver is defined as hepatitis. Due to a diverse range of causes, hepatitis can affect people of all age groups. Viral infections are the most common cause of [Read More ...]

Neonatal Jaundice (Newborns)

What is neonatal jaundice? Presence of a large amount of bilirubin causes the skin and white of eyes to become yellow in color. This condition is termed jaundice. When this condition occurs in newborn babies, [Read More ...]