Tooth Decay

Definition Tooth decay also known as tooth caries or dental cavities is the permanent damage of the hard surface of the teeth usually taking the form of tiny holes or openings. Not observing proper hygiene of [Read More ...]

Angle’s Class II Malocclusion

Definition Angle’s class II malocclusion is type of orthodontic problem that indicates abnormalities in the tooth positioning as defined by Edward Angle. The condition is characterized by distal position of [Read More ...]

Teeth Bleaching

Dental bleaching or procedures for whitening of the teeth involve a variety of chemical process carried out to recover the natural color of discolored teeth. Generally tooth bleaching is done for aesthetic [Read More ...]

Dental Crossbite

Definition Dental crossbite is a term for abnormal occlusion of the teeth in a transverse plane. It can also be used to describe the reversal of position of vertical overlap between upper and lower teeth. [Read More ...]

Common Tooth Injuries in Children

Traumatic dentofacial injuries in children are often ignored due to lack of awareness about their severity. The damage to the involved teeth in the injury may become a source of infection or orthodontic [Read More ...]

Tooth Decay

Definition Tooth decay is a dental condition characterized by destruction of the teeth following infection by bacteria. The infecting bacteria are known to ferment the food debris deposited on the surface of [Read More ...]
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