Small Breasts: Does Size Really Matter?

Since the turn of the 90s there has been an explosion in breast enhancement surgery and push up bra sales as more and more women obsess over the size of their breasts.

While many men often fantasize about large breasted women, they are relegated to the bottom of the league by women themselves who spend millions on improving their cleavage.

For most women, being flat chested is somehow seen as being less of a women while for others, breast enlargement is the modern day equivalent of a Prada handbag. Never before has the media driven world influenced women like today.

Not too long ago, small breasted women used chicken breasts, toilet roll, cotton or socks to pad out their bust. Those days are over.

Women can alter their breast size in their lunch break with a breast enhancement operation and can even alternate between cup sizes for a different look with specially designed breast pumps, such are the options now available.

Some industry spokespeople are predicting that as much as 70% of flat chested women or women with small breasts in the US and UK alone will undergo breast enhancement by 2015 as prices fall and techniques become more practical.

Chances are if you have small breast and are reading this, you have already had a discussion with either your parents, partner or a specialist about boosting that bust of yours.

But does size really matter? On screen, in magazines and on operating tables the world over, the answer would be an unequivocal YES!

However, smaller breasts have their advantages over larger breasts and there is an admittedly minority of women who refuse to bow to peer pressure or the media’s insatiable appetite for bigger boobs, vowing never to go under the knife, and to remain natural.

Actress Nicole Richie (daughter of legendary soul singer Lionel) for one who says: “I used to want a bigger chest, but now I like being flat. Clothes fit better, and I don’t really need to wear a bra.”

Bigger breasts may look great and draw the attention of the opposite sex like bees to honey but they can be unpractical, and a burden. For every women wishing they had bigger breasts there is a large breasted women who would gladly trade places.

Large breasts sag quicker, where as smaller breasts tend to keep their form and shape much longer and generally look better, more in proportion with the body.

Then there is the pain associated with big breasts, the lack of variation in bra types, exercising can also be obstructive and uncomfortable for larger breasted women.

Yes, today having small breasts does seem like a quirk or a glitch in the design, but unless your dream to have bigger breasts is genuine and for emotional reasons and not superficial reasons, then a bigger bust could well mean bigger problems for you.

As ever, only you can answer whether you are happy with your breasts.

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