Sex addiction or just a high sex drive?

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There is a fine line between having a healthy sexual relationship and enjoying sex and actually becoming addicted to sex. Some people do have a higher sex drive than others but you are said to have crossed the line and become addicted to sex if at the time you are not satisfied after the act of lovemaking. If after making love you are still having thoughts of sex or need more then this is a sure sign that you are addicted.

Why do some people become addicted to sex?

While some might think that becoming addicted to sex is all about the pleasurable feelings that one gets during the act there are other reasons behind sexual addiction. There are also biological and psychological reasons some come to rely on and need more and more of the chemicals such as endorphins and enkephlines that are released into the brain at the time of reaching orgasm. This is very similar to the feelings or rush that people get when they are taking and are addicted to drugs. For others it can be the need to escape from something which very often can be some form of abuse such as mental or physical. Of it can be a mixture of both and this is why if you think you may be becoming addicted to sex you should the help of a sex addiction specialist.

Pornography and masturbation in relation to being a sex addict

Both pornography and masturbation play a huge role in the life of a sex addict and in the majority of the people who are addicted this is the base and can alter their life drastically. Both masturbation and pornography can be addictions on their own but are most frequently combined with the act of sex too. People become addicted to porn because this is fantasy and allow them to escape, it is not uncommon for those addicted to sex to watch nothing else but pornography and of course to masturbate while watching, which can be up to several times a day along with having sex too. You can be said to be addicted to pornography if it begins to drastically change your life, for example if you are constantly thinking about it or feel the need to masturbate to the point when it affects your day to day living such as work.

The recovery process for addiction to sex

As with all types of addiction it is possible to beat the addiction, recovery can take many years and the hardest time will be during the first year. Very few people who are addicted to sex can overcome the addiction alone and need a specialists help in treating their addiction due to their being many complex feelings to overcome such as emotional, psychological and of course problems in relationships. Usually in the cases where the addict is married then both partners should receive counselling as the partner of the one who is addicted to sex often has independent problems and feelings of anxiety, stress, loss and loneliness. Recovery from sex addiction can take several years and many have to remain in counselling for extended periods of time but providing you know you have a problem and want to get past it then it can be done.

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