Nicotine addiction

Addicted to smoking

Nicotine is one of the substances found in cigarettes and is a form of stimulant drug, it is one that can cause a multitude of serious health problems and is extremely addictive yet cigarettes are sold legally throughout the world and used by millions of people. Smoking involves inhaling not only nicotine but a large number of gases and tars and nicotine is thought to relax a person and help them concentrate better.

What’s in a cigarette?

There are over 4,000 chemicals which can be found in cigarette smoke, amongst them some of which may surprise you.

  • Ammonia – This is found in toilet cleaners.
  • Acetone – This is found in nail varnish remover.
  • Cadmium – This substance is used in batteries and is a highly poisonous metal.
  • Vinyl chloride – This is used in making PVC.
  • Naphthalene – A substance which can be found in mothballs.
  • Carbon monoxide – This is a lethal gas which is found in car exhaust fumes.
  • Tar – This is the substance which clogs up the lungs of a smoker, when smoke is inhaled around 70% of the tar are deposited in the lungs. Condensed tar is the brown substance that stains the fingers and teeth of a smoker.
  • Nicotine – This is the powerful drug which causes the addiction in the first place, when smoke is inhaled the nicotine gets into the blood stream and causes problems such as increased blood pressure and an increase in the heart rate.
  • Cyanide – This substance is used in gas chambers.
  • Formaldehyde – This is the substance used to preserve dead bodies.
  • Arsenic – This is a poisonous substance.

Young smokers are usually addicted to nicotine within about a year of them first starting to smoke, if you would like to find out just how bad someone might be addicted to nicotine then just ask them 2 key questions.

  1. How long is it before they have their first cigarette after getting up in the morning.
  2. How many cigarettes does the person smoke throughout the day.

The shorter the time before reaching for their first cigarette of the day and the more cigarettes that they smoke throughout the day will give a person a good indication as to how addicted to nicotine they are.

If you or someone you know wants to give up smoking then there are several methods they can try to help them quit, many Doctor’s surgery’s have self help clinics posted and help for quitting can be gotten free by prescription providing you attend regular stop smoking meetings. Patches, nicotine gum and nasal sprays can also be bought over the counter from pharmacies.

Smoking can cause itchy throat due to direct irritation by smoke, or due to pus cought out in chronic bronchitis.

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