Large Breast Size and Back Pain

A larger bust is often portrayed as key to feminine beauty and an indication of a woman’s appeal to the opposite sex. In the search for larger breasts, many women undergo breast augmentation, opting for implants rather than accepting their natural form. Breast enlargement creams, push up bras and even vibration belts for the breast continue to sell globally as less ‘well endowed’ women grasp onto the hope that one of these methods will be the answer. However breast size can significantly impact on the spine, hip and major muscles and nerves of the body and this should always be taken into consideration before opting for breast augmentation.

Why do large breasts affect the back and spine?

Large breasts usually cause a significant shift in the center of gravity resulting in a number of effects on the body’s musculoskeletal system. The additional weight extending beyond the center will add up to 10 times its weight in pressure on the spinal column due to the action of gravity. Over time, this can affect the spine and cause long term back problems, initially experienced as back pain. Over time, the altered gait and posture may complicate to other spinal complications and nerve problems like a ‘pinched nerve’ or ‘bulging disc’ (herniation).

How do larger breasts change the posture?

Women with large busts change their posture, unconsciously, to compensate for the additional weight. The upper back (thoracic spine) is pulled back, often appearing like the chest is being pushed out further. The lower back then adjusts accordingly by arching, distributing some weight to the front (slightly protruded belly) and the rest to the back, resembling a protruding buttock or ‘big bottom or bum’. These changes in the spine does give temporary relief to the weight distribution associated with large breasts but over time, it is difficult to maintain this posture without affecting the spine and causing back pain.

What are the effects and complications of large breasts on the back and spine?

The obvious change in the curvature of the spine leads to a host of back problems that affects the vertebrae (back bones), back skin, muscles and nerves. A large bust often needs better support with an appropriate bra, the straps of which keep ‘digging’ into the skin causing bruising of the skin of the back and under the breast. This can contribute to chaffing (intertrigo) which could result in a breast fungus over time. The increased curvature of the spine to compensate for the additional weight may lead to lordosis which causes neck and back pain on the upper and lower back. This often occurs as a combination of back muscle spasm (cramps) and ‘pinched nerve’ syndrome. The disordered weight distribution in the upper torso is compensated by the lower body with the hips tilting to distribute the weight appropriately to both legs. This change in posture may affect the gait giving some women with very large breasts a characteristic ‘duck walk’ which causes long term muscle and spinal problems.

Opting for larger breast sizes through breast augmentation should only be conducted once a woman considers the possible complications of an enlarged bust. Many women want to go as ‘big’ as possible when considering breast enlargement and many unscrupulous practitioners are willing to assist without explaining the host of problems associated with bigger breasts. Consider your options carefully before considering a significant enlargement through breast augmentation and if you have a naturally large bust, speak to your doctor about some of the symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of your bust size.

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