Drug Addiction

Addicted to drugs

People usually start off using drugs as a way to escape the problems of daily life, drugs make them feel better, happier, remove worries for a short time and generally make the person feel on top of the world. Using drugs however has serious consequences on a person’s health and more and more of them have to be taken to achieve the same results the longer they are used.

A person using cannabis or heroin can very quickly become addicted until giving up the drug is almost impossible to do and they no longer take them to give them a buzz but simply just to be able to survive day to day life.

What are the symptoms of drug abuse?

Describing drug use and problems associated with addiction is hard as each drug is different and can cause different problems, there is however some basics which relate to overall drug use and abuse. Each drug will produce different patterns of:

  • Use
  • Intoxication.
  • Hangover.
  • Overdose.

Substance abuse or addiction covers many different levels including:

  • Using large amounts of the drug without seeming to be intoxicated.
  • Using large amounts of the drug for experimentation.
  • Using large amounts of the drug to get intoxicated.

The addict may use drugs for more than just one of the above reasons and many will turn to different drugs to get different effects. Trying to understand why people take and become addicted to drugs isn’t easy, but almost all of the people who take drugs did so in the beginning for the enjoyment and good feelings it brought them.

Spotting someone who is on drugs in the beginning is very hard and for parents who are worried their children might be taking them keeping open communication is perhaps the best way to go. Teenagers can be a problem though as the more you enquire into their behaviour the more likely they are to see it as an intrusion which could push them further away and lead to resentment and total refusal to communicate.

The effects of drug dependency

When you think about coming off drugs people automatically think of the withdrawal effects but there is far much more to it than just physical withdrawal symptoms. Breaking the habit affects the mind as well as the body and these feelings can be much harder to deal with than the physical ones, common feelings are:

  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Sleep and rest.
  • Self esteem.
  • Having to learn how to cope.
  • Learning to control moods.

The symptoms and pattern will depend greatly on the type of drug that a person is addicted to, the type of person they are and the circumstances in which they are trying to quit.

What you can do to help

Just by admitting there is a problem and wanting to take steps to deal with it is a major step forward to recovering from addiction, the next step forward is to get the right support for your addiction. If your addiction is tranquillisers or alcohol then it could be just as dangerous to try and give them up immediately.

You should always get advice from your Doctor and sometimes a Doctor can prescribe medication to help you get through the first phase of quitting. For you to be successful it is also important that you seek help through counselling and a wide source of information on groups which can help with your particular addiction can be found online.

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