Common Dental Problems in Children

Maintaining your child’s dental health is often a very challenging task. Children are not as compliant as adults when it comes to brushing their teeth regularly and flossing appropriately. Good dental hygiene for children can often turn out to be a chore for parents. However, children are prone to a variety of dental problems and if these problems are ignored in the initial stages, various complications are encountered in long run. Good dental hygiene to avoid tooth and gum diseases needs to be instilled in children at an early age. It can prevent a lifetime of dental problems.

Rotting Teeth

Dental decay or dental caries is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. It is one of the most prevalent dental diseases in children. Children are often ignorant about the dental health practices and their diet consists of carbohydrate rich sticky foods and sugars. These two factors tend to promote the formation of dental caries (tooth cavities). It is commonly referred to as ‘rotting teeth’.

Rampant dental caries causing rapid destruction of majority of the teeth are also commonly encountered in children. Baby bottle caries are seen in bottle fed children with improper feeding habits. Sticky foods and sugars should be avoided and habit of rinsing the mouth after every meal should be incorporated in an early age. Dietary diary should be maintained to tract the carbohydrate rich foods consumed.

Periodic dental check ups, preventive measures to avoid dental caries and use of fluoridated tooth pastes are also recommended.

Bad Gums

Gum diseases are fairly common in pre-pubertal children and teenagers. Teething babies can also face gum problems. Gum-related disease tend to causes destruction of supporting structures of teeth and if ignored it can lead to eventual loss of the involved teeth. Therefore gum diseases should not be taken lightly. Your dentist’s opinion and treatment should be taken for gum problems such as periodontitis in young children. Proper brushing techniques, gingival massage and healthy diet are also recommended to avoid gum problems.

Abnormal Tooth Position

Orthodontic problems in children can be transient or can be the first sign of problems with the permanent teeth. Various types of orthodontic problems such as class II malocclusion, class III malocclusions, crowding, spacing, and deep bite and cross bites can be detected in early stages. It is recommended to have an orthodontic evaluation in mixed dentition period to diagnose and intercept the developing malocclusion.

Malocclusions of various types such as skeletal malocclusions and dental malocclusions are most suitably treated in early stages of adult dentition. In growing children the effects of the orthodontic treatment are more beneficial and rapid as compared to adults where there is no skeletal growth possible.

Stop Bad Habits

Habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, nail biting and teeth grinding are the chief reasons for some orthodontic problems. These habits could also indicate deep rooted psychological problems in some cases. In most instances the habits are associated with feelings of insecurity and taking refuge. Few of the problems like mouth breathing could be associated with a nasal obstruction or orthodontic problems. If these habits are intercepted in an early stage many orthodontic problems can be avoided.

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