Causes of Vaginal Odor | 'Smelly Vagina'

An offensive odor from the vagina is an ailment that many women suffer with and may be the cause of much embarrassment, especially during times of intimacy. Preventing vaginal odor is unavoidable but the presence of an offensive smell needs to be tackled as it may indicate other health related issues. In most cases, a ‘smelly vagina’ is harmless and proper hygiene will correct the problem.

Causes of a Smelly Odor

The causes of vaginal odor may be a result of a number of factors that impact on the overall health of the affected area.

  • Vaginal infections (vaginitis) may result in a smelly vagina, typically the fishy odor from the vagina, that may occur as a result of a bacterial infection or even thrush. Typically, vaginal discharge may be noticed. Pain, burning and itching are other signs of a vaginal infection and if present with the sudden onset of a fishy odor, it should be further investigated by a doctor.
  • Poor hygiene of the vagina can also result in vaginal odor. Infrequent bathing or washing of the outer parts of the vagina, along with long and unkept pubic hair creates an environment for bacteria to thrive on the outside of the vagina. Coupled with perspiration, this will lead to vaginal odor.
  • Frequent vaginal douching which may be performed to prevent vaginal odor can actually contribute to a smelly vagina. Douching kills normal bacteria that lives in the area thereby allowing ‘bad bacteria’ to invade the area and lead to vaginal infections and odor.
  • Certain hormonal conditions, like pregnancy, during ovulation, oral contraceptives (the pill) or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), may cause excessive vaginal discharge which may be a contributing factor to an offensive vaginal odor.
  • Fungal infections of the skin around the vagina may lead to a damp musty smell in the area.
  • Allergic reactions may cause inflammation as a result of hypersensitivity to certain textiles in the underwear, cheaper tampons or sanitary pads as well as soap or body lotions used in the area. Inflammation may lead to vaginal discharge with an offensive odor.
  • A fishy odor often occurring at the time of menstruation (periods) may be a result of the menses coupled with poor hygiene. Regular change of tampons or pads as well as proper bathing and good hygiene should be practiced during your periods.
  • Certain sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) may also contribute to vaginal odor and should be treated immediately once noticed.

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Preventing & Treating Smelly Vaginal Odor

The first step in preventing vaginal odor is to ensure good hygiene. Apart from frequent bathing, trimming the pubic hairs is also important. Ensure a regular change of sanitary pads and tampons when menstruating and use a brand that will not cause any irritation to the vagina. Avoid excessive vaginal douching, or discontinue altogether if an offensive vaginal odor persists. In cases of vaginal infections, consult with your doctor and appropriate treatment like antibiotics or antifungals may be necessary. Anti-fungal vaginal creams may also be necessary in cases of vaginal thrush and it is better to consult with your doctor or gynecologist before using any cream or gel internally. Discontinue sexual intercourse if you notice pain and discharge, especially a smelly discharge, after sex.

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  1. what could be the cause of a smell if it only occurs during and after sex?

    • Hi Mary

      It is obvious that the odor may be related to vaginal secretions which is a part of lubrication during intercourse. This may be indicative of a deeper lying problem, with the deeper areas of the vagina, cervix or even the uterus. You should consult with a gynecologist.

  2. i have had times when it smelled down there in the morning after waking up. It smelled a bit like sulphur. There are no discharge tho. what could that be?

    • Hi Tea

      It could be a mild yeast infection. Even the natural bacteria existing in your vagina, will cause some odor but it should be not so pronounced where it is hampering your life. You should consult with your gynecologist to exclude any pathology though.

  3. My vaginal smell has changed, and I have never smelled this before. It smells a lot like my husband’s secretions after having intercourse. We have been trying to conceive for about a year now, but it is too soon for me to take a pregnancy test (i ovulated over a week ago). My vaginal odor usually has a specific smell before my period, but i do not smell that at all, all i smell is this new smell that is a lot like my husbands secretions after intercourse. Could I be pregnant?

    • Hi Sarah

      You should not judge if you are pregnant or not based on the odor of your secretions. If you suspect pregnancy, test immediately. However if this vaginal odor problem persists. I would also advise checking for chlamydia infection as this may affect your fertility and it is possible to have a slight odor due to the infection.

  4. i have bleeding even after the menstruation. it is not always clot but more to brownish colour plus red . sometimes it do smells.its start about three to four months ago.what could that be? do i have any symptoms of cancer?

    • Hi Ima

      Before considering cancer, first exclude the possibility of an infection. This can cause a yellow to brown discharge, with streaks of blood. I recommend that you consult with a gynecologist immediately.

  5. Hi Dr. Peter,

    I’ve been noticing a brown streak in my underwear as well as a slight odor when I’m sitting with my legs open with pants on, etc. I wear pantyliners. My gynecologists said that I am okay, but gave me a cream. It’s like vaseline. I use it sometimes,but I still have my problem. Any suggestions.

    • Hi Dee

      You should go back to your gynecologist and inform him/her that you are not experiencing any relief. It is important to remember than any treatment for a condition is approached step by step. If the first step works, then great. If not, then the next course of action has to be considered. Failure to report back to any doctor when you are not experiencing relief just makes it difficult for your doctor in the long run. Please go back to your gynecologist. 🙂

  6. Hello.
    I’ve had this discharge for a long time now. About 2-3 years?. I didn’t bother knowing because I thought it’s normal and I didn’t even knew that I’m already having this vaginal discharge. But this year I noticed that I have streaks of blood on my thick,yellow discharge even after my period. It’s smells bad and it’s pretty embarrassing. Is this a sign of an infection? I’ve bee having this vaginal discharge for a long time and I don’t feel anything. Just discharge, bad smell and now streaks of blood. If it’s an infection, what would it be and how can I get rid of this?

    • Hi Haneylet

      Yes, it could be a long term infection like thrush or it could be due to other causes like a bleeding cervical wart. Sometimes these types of discharges could be associated with cancer but no need to be concerned just yet. See a gynecologist and tell him about the discharge. Actually you should be doing this along with your annual pap smear.

  7. I just went to my OBGYN this past week and the day after I had my pap smear done I have been having horrible smell.. I can smell it through my clothes and my family can also smell it.. This has never happened to me before. Could this be from getting a pap smear done?? I am worried

    • Hi Sophia

      It could be due to an infection as a result of the pap smear but it is unlikely. Most obgyn’s are very careful about preventing this. Another possibility is an allergic reaction to some chemical or instrument used. A infection is a more likely cause but an odor on its own would not occur without any other symptoms like a fever, pain, and vaginal discharge. Go back and speak to your doctor.

    • You likely have been having intercourse with men who blast a large amount of sperm intro your pussy during sex. The sperm decays and leave a bad smell.
      Only have sex with men who give less sperm in you !

  8. i have been treated with lots of antibiotics and since developed a heavy thrush infection plus a (possibly) secondary bacterial type infection (smell, discharge). this has then been treated with lots (and i mean lots) of antifungal tablets to treat the consequent vulval vestibulitis from all the thrush and etc. plus momre antibiotics for the bacterial symptoms..

    i’m now a year down the track and during ovulation and prior to my period i get an unpleasant smell that is not my usual one.

    i’ve been tested repeatedly and there is no sign of any infection or thrush or… well… anything.

    but the cycle goes on. ovulation and pre-menstrual – smell and sensitivity. it really isn’t my normal smell.

    i’ve been treated by a holistic doctor, a gyno, a vulval specialist. i’ve spent truckloads of money to get through the worst of this but still have this lingering problem.

    the smell is noticeable to me and makes me really self conscious. it usually lasts a few days then goes away.

    i’ve no idea what to do. any ideas?

    • Hi Caroline

      It is not possible to exclude all bacteria, from the surface of the skin or within the vagina. The odor you may be experiencing could be a surface problem. Sweat, pubic hair and hygiene is an issue around the time or ovulation or menstruation for some women. Try changing these factors and see if there is any improvement. Also take note of any discharge during ovulation – this is normal but could be accounting for the odor. You may have to consider a regular change of underwear or even the use of a thin sanitary pad during this time to ensure that the odor does not linger on your underwear. Do not try to douche as this can lead to fungal and bacterial infections when the microenvironment within the vagina is upset.

    • Hey Caroline. I remember you in San Jose, CA last year. You are right. Your vagina smells really bad. All five of us guys who had intercourse with you in the garage said the same thing. I took your panties after I wiped my wiener with them and then stuffed then into my pocket. The next day when you came over to blow us, I tried to give back your panties. But they smelled so bad that you were embarrassed to accept them. The other thing is that you have a lot of extra skin on the outside of your vagina. Most girls have gentle thin lips on the outside of their vagina. But you have like a cactus flower set of flesh sticking out of you. Your pussy looks like an explosion. Like many big dicked guys have serviced you.

  9. i first noticed i had a vaginal odor when i first stared going threw puberty. i decided to trim my pubic hair thinkin it would help and it did. now i feel as tho i still have a vaginal odor. my boyfriend notices it but doesnt really complain becuase he saids it smells like sweat but sometimes it smells like that even after a showere. now ik that i have no std and i have been having sexual intercourse with the same man for the past 4 years. i can smell it through my clothes, and even in the morning. sometimes i can just sit there and i can smell it even if i didnt do anything to cause sweating..what could this be

    • Hi Megan

      It depends if it is related to any discharge or not. The fact is that an odor from “inside” the vagina is usually carried “out” by a discharge. If it was just sweat, then you would not notice it after a shower, especially if you used a perfumed soap.

      However it is important to remember that you do sweat after a shower, especially if you use hot water, and a bad odor usually sticks to the pubic hair even if it is short and you have bathed.

      The point is that this odor may be related to discharge, even very light discharge, that is constant and you may not have really taken notice of it. You should discuss this with your gynecologist and have all the routine tests done when you go for your annual pap smear. It is unlikely to be just an external problem on the skin if the odor is so pronounced and persistent.

      Also remember that you are conscious about this problem and may at times be imagining an odor.

      • Hi, I’m Meme and I missed 2 of my orange BC pills in the 4th week and all of my white inactive pills, from my knowledge I was suppose to throw the rest of the pack away and start a new pack, which I never did yet because I’ve been so busy. Anywho, I had a brown discharge for about 4 days a little after my cycle was actually expected and then it stopped. Since I haven’t been taking the pill I’ve noticed a bad smell during sex. Could it be because I didn’t have a normal cycle? I need answers!

      • Hi my man just noticed an offensive smell frm my cum i.e wen I get to climax there is this offensive smell that comes out frm my vignal, pls wat could be the problem, I was so worried wen he told me .

  10. I’ve noticed that I have a normal, mild odor during menstruation each month. This month, however, I’ve missed my period, but I’m still having the normal smell. I’m three weeks late, and I’ve taken four tests. Two negative, and two inconclusive. I’ve waited several days between each test, and it keeps going back and forth. First time, negative. I waited three days. Inconclusive. Waited three days, negative. And then waiting again, resulted in another inconclusive. I’m very regular, so I’m a bit confused by these tests. Is the smell that normally coexists with my menstruation being present at a time where I’ve missed a sign of pregnancy? And why are these tests so back and forth when I’ve followed the directions to the letter?

    • You need a man who will give your vagina a full load of sperm deep inside of your womb. Be sure to ask your man to give you multiple sperm loads inside of you and be certain you are getting both balls blasting inside of your snatch. Be sure he keeps his penis inside of your vagina for an hour or more after intercourse. That will make your vagina respond properly and it won’t smell bad anymore.

  11. I’m 22 and I have a horrible musty vagina odor no matter how much I wash it still comes back in the crevices it’s very embarrassing what could it b

    • Moisture and lack of air flow could be it. I would sprinkle some cornstarch in my undies and go panty free at bedtime to get fresh air down there.

  12. I’m not sexually active my vagina looks weird. like I’ve been sexually active. & it stinks really bad. I don’t know how to tell my mom. bc i don’t want to have a diesese. please help.

    • Make sure your man has a full two ball orgasm inside of your vagina when you have intercourse. The introduction of a large amount of heavy sperm into your vagina makes your body respond in a special way. If your man only gives you a small amount of sperm when you have sex creates a special problem. Don’t have intercourse with men who have small sperm ejaculation and your vaginal odor will disappear. Also do not use Tampons ! Use thick pads that soak up your vaginal fluid and helps to prevent your horrible vaginal odor from being smelled by everybody around you. Imagine being at an important business meeting and everybody is talking about your vagina smell. They won’t tell you. But they will talk behind your back. Even other women who are in the bathroom with you will tell the men that you have a very bad smelling vagina. If things do not go your way its because everybody knows that you have bad heavy vaginal odor !

  13. I have this this thing where everytime me and my bf gave sex he always have like white little balls on his thing and it comes out from me and it also hurts and I’m never wet no more and it hurts so bad , i also have this fishy smell eveytime i open my legs i can smell it even when i have cloths on what could it be ?

  14. For the past year during my few days of ovulation I have been getting a brownish discharge (as compared to a normal clear discharge) and a very unpleasant and strong fishy smell. We are trying to have another baby and it is noticeable during sex. It is definitely different to normal for me (both the brown discharge and the odour). I have seem my GP and been tested for infection twice but both times it has come back negative. Not only is the whole thing unpleasant, I am concerned that it is making conception difficult and we recently had a miscarriage. Advice would be great thanks

    • Hi Caroline. An infection is one of the more common causes for these symptoms but as you said your GP excluded the possibility. You should be consulting with a gynecologist at this point, not only for the discharge but also for the planned pregnancy. This could be a symptom of some serious conditions like cervical cancer. However, there is no way of saying for sure until you consult with a gynecologist.

  15. I have smelly discharge it smells rotten and I recently finished my period and I have intercorse with my boyfriend but we use protection. The discharge is white what could it be and how can I get rid of the smell?

    • Hi Desiree. A sudden onset of an offensive smelling discharge as you describe has to be medically investigated. It is often due to an infection. This may not necessarily be a sexually transmitted infection (STI) but could be even if you and your partner are using protection. A doctor will have to examine further and possibly conduct tests to confirm the cause before prescribing the appropriate treatment.

  16. i was delay for about a month and i had this very long days of brownish discharge before my menstruation comes. Now that i have my period i notice that it smells like bothers me a lot is it because i delay of my period?

    • Hi Marian. The delay in your period and the subsequent brown discharge may be due to a number of possible causes. A miscarriage is one possibility and so is an infection. You should see your gynecologist at this point. not just because of the odor, but to verify whether it is possible that you did miscarry if this applies to you. Your gynecologist can do other investigations to check for various diseases that may also cause these symptoms.

  17. Please try vaginal anti-fungal cream like Micanozole. Then about 1 week later, after itchy discharge goes away, purchase Vagisil wipes for maintenance of foul odor. Some women douche about once a week, but then you risk discharging the correct Ph of your vagina. What we eat also affects the “odor” of vagina. If you gorge on garlic, your vagina will have a strong, pungent, noticeable odor. I personally like using the Vagisil daily for maintenance or if it is particularly hot and sweaty. Take a 15 minute bath and vagina will get a good soak and you will be fresh and smell like a clean, healthy WOMAN!!

  18. Hi every time I get my cycle the last few days of my cycle I have a really bad order! I’m not sure what it is, I don’t have any STD’s but I have a really foul order. I’ve been dealing with this for at least 3 years, and I’ve taken medication after medication and nothing is helping. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kendra. You should speak to your gynecologist about a vaginal swab in order to verify the presence of bacteria or yeasts that could be contributing to this odor. It is not an uncommon problem. However, the exact cause needs to be identified. Be careful about self-managing the conditions by douching and so on as you could further contribute to an overgrowth/infection by changing the micro-environment within the vagina.

    • Kendra try robbing alcohol mixed with warm water. and cotton rap around to your finger.put your finger inside your vagina turn your finger round and round inside and out your vagina for few minutes. Make sure you eat healthy food. Lot’s of vegetables. Do it every day tell the odors is gone. And make sure you use baby wipe when you pee or poo..feeling fresh everyday

    • Try homoeopathy it surely helps u

  19. Hi I just recently had a baby ab a year ago! I had a c section and my lochia had a rotten meat smell to it my gyno checked and said everything was fine but I still have that smell after my period for ab two weeks I’m not sure if it’s just left over lochia from baby or something else

    • Hi Ava. It is highly unlikely related to childbirth as a very long period of time has passed, and you most probably had a few periods by now. The first concern when there is a foul smelling odor with discharge is that this could be pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which arises with an infection. However, it is possible that odor may be related to a problem with the urinary tract and not the vagina. Have this checked up as soon as you can. Your doctor may need to do further tests before a diagnosis can be reached.

  20. Hi. So this is embarrassing, but I’ve been having an odor problem for a while. I shower every day, and make sure I wash down there really well. But it happened again. I just had sex with a new guy, and I made him stop halfway because it smelt musty, or like pee. I was so embarrassed, and I’m sure he noticed. I hate this. Is that normal, or because I got off my period two days ago? The new guy or position or what? Please help. I’m mortified.

    • Hi Leann. It is difficult to say for sure. As you can see from the causes above, there are many possibilities for why this odor may be arising and persisting. Personal hygiene is a huge factor here and urine odor may persist if you have pubic hair. Sometimes heavily concentrated urine may make the odor worse. However, it is important to exclude infections which may be the problem here even if you don’t have other symptoms indicative of an infection.

  21. Hello,

    I do not have any itching or burning, but i notice heightened vaginal odour in the thick of my ovulation and i am always afraid others can smell it too. I am not sure the odour is entirely a bad one, i wont qualify it as fishy but it is strong nonetheless, what do you think? Should i be worried?

    • Hi Oma. It is a common occurrence. Some women have a more pronounced odor than others and the discharge can adhere to pubic hair or the underwear and linger. Excessive sweating and so on if you live in a hot environment or wear thick clothing can also mix with it and compound the odor. It is usually nothing to worry about but if you feel that it is very strong then ask a friend who you are comfortable with if it can be detected. Remember that a sudden change in the odor and change in color of the discharge could be a sign of various diseases so watch it closely.

  22. hi after having my third baby i decided to have the implant ever since this i have been getting a brown discharge and foul smelling period is this because of the implant? or should i get it checked out im worried it may be cervical cancer.

    • Hi Tracy. A slight change in discharge could be due to the implant but coupled with the foul odor you should rather look at other possible conditions, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Cancer is also a possibility but there is no reason to jump to conclusions just yet. Rather consult with your gynecologist and undergo the necessary investigations to find out the cause.

    • Hi Tracy. A slight change in discharge could be due to the implant but coupled with the foul odor you should rather look at other possible conditions, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Cancer is also a possibility but there is no reason to jump to conclusions just yet. Rather consult with your gynecologist and undergo the necessary investigations to find out the cause.

  23. I don’t have periods and don’t have sex but urine leakage I don’t care how many baths I take I take a few showers but mostly baths and two to three hours later ugh the odor! Now I do wear mini pads on a day to day basis for the leakage. What I am saying is what can I use to take the odor away is there an old remedy or something its unbearable to me I am not very hairy down there so what do you think could be the issue?

    • What kind of odor is it if you don’t mind me asking. It could be the panty liners, they stop fresh air flow from getting down there. If it’s a musty smell then it can definitely be the panty liners. I also have a problem with holding my urine after having children. Sleeping panty free can help let you lady part breath and get fresh air. If you must always wear a panty liner, you can sprinkle some plain cornstarch on your liner to help absorb moisture and sweat. Dark, warm, moist places are breeding grounds for bacteria and bacteria causes odor. I hope this helps.

  24. Hi Oma. It is a common occurrence. Some women have a more pronounced odor than others and the discharge can adhere to pubic hair or the underwear and linger. Excessive sweating and so on if you live in a hot environment or wear thick clothing can also mix with it and compound the odor. It is usually nothing to worry about but if you feel that it is very strong then ask a friend who you are comfortable with if it can be detected. Remember that a sudden change in the odor and change in color of the discharge could be a sign of various diseases so watch it closely.

  25. I never noticed a smell till after I had went through some health issues. I had cancer cells on my cervix and after they removed them I noticed a smell no matter how many baths or showers I take its still there! during intercourse is when I noticed my smell. And it has affected my intimate time with my husband. but I also have another problem within the same region. I have noticed when I pee there’s a really bad smell as well. And the smell doesn’t end after I pee. I will continue to smell that smell after I go to the bathroom and walk around I can still smell it. I don’t know if that’s my imagination or if it’s really there. But I do know that this is hurt my ego in many ways. I went to my OBGYN and she ran all kinds of tests including all STD tests and everything came back fine. I do not understand how that could possibly be with the smell that I get after intercourse or during intercourse. I’m not saying that I have an STD of course but I’m saying that there’s something not right… I have never had an issue with my ” smell” .. not until I had that surgery to remove the cancer cells from my cervix.

    • Hi Peggy. It is a possible that you are perceiving this and it may not necessarily be a problem. Has your husband complained? Have you asked a close friend or family member if they get such an odor from you? This is not to say that the problem has not been there for a long time or arisen recently. As you can see there are many possible causes of an offensive vaginal odor. It is unlikely due to the surgery you had in the past. It may be due to some other medical problem. The surgery/cancer could have made you more aware of issues in this area that you previously did not notice. This is not uncommon among people who have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and are thereafter very aware of symptoms that they never paid attention to.

    • Snap! I’m going thro the same thing. I had a letz and still y he smell is there. I’ve tries bv gel and nothing. All my tests are clear. Really frustrating. If you have found a cure please let me k

  26. Hey this is hard to say but I recently had sex with a different partner and I noticed something different down there a smell it’s not very strong but it still smells not like fish or anything, but it is bad. I’ve been having light brown very little discharge. And my breasts are sore. Do I have an STD? I don’t have an OBGYN appointment for another week and I’m terrified of what this might be. It isn’t my normal scent down there & again the very light Brown discharge, I also took an over the counter pregnancy test and it says I’m not.

    • Hi Cynthia. Yes, it may be an STD and it could also be pregnancy even if your home pregnancy test shows negative. It’s good that you have scheduled an OBGYN appointment because it is necessary given these symptoms. It may also be some other gynecological condition and it may not even be related to your recent encounter. Wait to see your OBGYN before getting overly concerned. It would be advisable to run another home pregnancy test. Spend a little extra to get the best quality test which has a reputation for being accurate. Remember the morning urine should be used – this is a very important point.

  27. I have never had a smell associated with my period before. this is like disgusting …and embarrassing ….but my periods have been whacked out this year too as well…i have had my period since December 8 and this period is smelly beyond belief. ..i shower 3 times a day and wash my down there after every bathroom use and to no avail it still smells like something died in my uterus. ..i have an appointment on the 31st of this month and I cannot wait ….I’m disgusted with myself and I want to know what’s wrong with me…even when I pee…i have not had intercourse with my bf because it smells and I am embarrassed….

    • Hi Liz. Hopefully you have seen a doctor by now. Whatever the underlying cause it is important to note that attempting to wash inside the vagina can actually worsen you condition. Doing so like with douching changes the pH and micro-environment within the vagina thereby promoting an overgrowth of certain microbes that normally live in the vagina. It is these microbes that can lead to an offensive odor.

      • Hey Liz,
        I’m having the same exact problems! But I currently had a Pap smear and it showed nothing unusual. Anyway can you tell me what ended up happening with you?

    • Liz cant you tell me what the doctor said about your problem cause i have the same thing happening to me.

  28. Ok so.. i had a dnc in may and im on birth control… when my husband and i have intercourse… there is a bad smell and its really annoying i keep myhygiene up. So im literally smells like i have someyhing dead in me… i have never had a problem like this before..

    • Hi. I know you posted this so long ago but I wanted to let you know that it could be your birth control. Are you on a hormonal birth control like the patch or pill or shot? That can definitely do that to you. I’m on the patch and sometimes I notice a smell. I saw my doctor and she said I was fine and that hormonal birth control can do that. I would talk to the doctor if I was you. It couldn’t hurt.

  29. This is for all the Ladies. I notice my self long time ago a strong smell down there. And I remember where I from women’s use vinegar mixed with warm water. And a cotton rap around to your finger.put you finger to the warm water with vinegar and put it inside your vagina all around and round inside and out your vagina for few minutes. And make sure change the way you eat, Diet lot’s of vegetables.

    • Sorry about that Ladies not vinegar. It’s a robbing alcohol

      • Hi Lynn. I think you mean rubbing alcohol. The procedure that you are describing is essentially douching. We strongly discourage readers from doing so. It will worsen the odor in time. Douching with vinegar or rubbing alcohol can change the micro-environment within the vagina. This can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria and yeasts which contribute to a foul odor.

  30. U may consult a homeopathic physician

  31. I Council a young lady that has always had bad discharges since she was a baby. Now that she has started her cycle her period has a strong odor. Not a fishy odor, or a really foul odor definitely strong. She is frustrated because she says she is not sexually active no boyfriend and she is very self conscious

  32. Hey. I have a damp wetness on the outside of my vagina. Its located in the crease between my thigh and vagina. When I wipe it off its fine but then it itches sometimes and then it’ll burn if I do itch it. What do you think this is? It does have a slight smell to it.

  33. Hey. I have a damp wetness on the outside of my vagina. Its located in the crease between my thigh and vagina. When I wipe it off its fine but then it itches sometimes and then it’ll burn if I do itch it. What do you think this is? It does have a slight smell to it.

  34. I stopped taking my birth control around three weeks ago. After I stopped I had very wet white discharge and it smells like vinegar. Is this a side effect from stopping the birth control? I was on it for 6 years

  35. Monique Alexander September 30, 2016 at 9:45 am

    I found a lump in my vagina with smelly brown discharge an the top of the lump feels funny like hair on it

    • Hi Monique. It needs to be investigated by your gynecologist. There are many possible causes. The lump and discharge could be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection for example. It is not possible to identify the cause through an online platform. Do not delay in seeking medical advice as this can make the condition difficult to treat and even lead to complications.

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