Brown Menstrual (Period) Blood and Black Vaginal Bleeding

Menstrual blood is usually bright to dark red and may or may not have some clots. It should not be brown to black and if it is then it needs to be investigated further. The main reason why blood may appear these colors is due to degradation of the blood cells either due to exposure to air (oxidation) over time, the action of bacterial enzymes or exposure of blood to certain chemicals that may cause rapid degradation and discoloration. A brown to black vaginal bleed in a pregnant women particularly if it is accompanied by abdominal pain should be investigated immediately.

Source of the Bleeding

Normally menstrual blood arises from the uterus when inner lining (endometrium) is sloughed off and expelled as part of the menstrual cycle. This is known as menstruation. Abnormal vaginal bleeding may not always occur from the uterus or endometrium specifically.

Female reproductive tract

The source of the bleeding may be from the vagina itself (including the vulvar), cervix, uterus (not only from the endometrium) and even the fallopian tubes. It is also important to distinguish between urinary tract infections (UTIs) since the latter may also cause bleeding and/or a brown discharge.

Causes of Brown to Black Vaginal Bleeding

It is important to ascertain whether the bleeding is related to a menstrual bleed or not. The presence of other symptoms like pain, discharge preceding or during the bleed, blood clots or pieces of tissue in the blood are all significant in identifying the most likely cause. Remember that a small quantity of brown blood towards the end of a menstrual period is not abnormal and is just degraded blood (“old blood”) being expelled. However, it should not persist for long periods.

Retained Periods

Retained menses is not a common phenomenon. It may be due to the menses being retained with the uterus or even in the vagina. An imperforate hymen is where the hymen fully rather than partially covers the vagina and at the onset of menstruation during puberty (menarche), the menses cannot pass out of the vagina. An old tampon or a tampon that is not changed frequently may also be a consideration.

In older women, cervical stenosis which is narrowing of the cervix (or more correctly the endocervical canal) either obstructs or drastically slows down the exit of menses from the uterus. There are other possibly causes relating to anatomical abnormalities of the uterus, cervix or vagina but these are usually present from birth (congenital). However, in older women the presence of brown vaginal bleeding raises the concerns about other conditions like uterine cancer.


A miscarriage is a more common cause of brown to black vaginal bleeding. While it is a consideration in every pregnant woman’s mind, not all woman realize that they are pregnant until there is an abnormally heavy bleed particularly when it is laden with large clots or the color varies significantly from the normal menstrual blood. The products of conception are eventually ejected but sometimes it is retained.

This is known as a missed abortion and arises when the cervical os does not dilate to allow for the products of conception to pass out. Over time there is a scanty brown to black bleed that is often foul smelling. This symptom is less common with an elective / induced abortion if it is done by a medical professional since the cervix is dilated and the products of conception may be removed with dilatation and curettage (D&C).

Severe pain with signs of shock and abnormal vaginal bleeding in a female within her reproductive years can also be an ectopic pregnancy. It is a medical emergency and needs immediate attention.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Infections of the vagina, cervix or uterus may cause brown to black vaginal bleeds at the proteolytic enzymes of the bacteria rapidly degrade the blood. These infections may be sexually transmitted like gonorrhea and chlamydia, commonly caused by rectal bacteria like E.coli or due to overgrowth of the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina (vaginosis).

It is typically associated with a foul smelling discharge, pelvic pain with pain during urination and intercourse and sometimes a fever. Most of the infections that result in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are sexually transmitted with chlamydia and gonorrhea among the most common in the United States. It is only considered to be PID when it extends beyond the cervix to infect the uterus, fallopian tubes and/or ovaries.

Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are masses of tissue that arise from the middle muscular layer of the uterus known as the myometrium. These growths are benign (non-cancerous). It is also known as leiomyomas. The exact cause is unknown but it appears to be associated with genetic factors and hormones.

Uterine fibroids are a common cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding. The periods may be unusually heavy and last longer than normal even extending beyond 7 days. There is usually some pressure or fullness experienced in the pelvic area and sometimes it may be painful. The presence of urinary symptoms like frequent urination at times leads to a misdiagnosis of a urinary tract infection.


Cancer is another cause of vaginal bleeding that is not related to menses – intermenstrual bleeding. It is, however, not a common cause of brown to black vaginal bleeding. An ulceration of the reproductive tract may cause bleeding and if the outflow is restricted or complicated with pelvic inflammatory disease (infection) then there may be a dark brown to black vaginal bleed usually presenting as spotting. Uterine and cervical cancer are more likely causes in this regard.

Warning Signs

A short-lived brown to black vaginal discharge which resolves on its own and does not recur may not necessarily be anything serious. However, it is always advisable to have it checked, preferably by a gynecologist. When profuse and accompanied by pain that is worsening, dizziness and/or weakness then immediate medical attention is necessary. Sometimes the more serious causes of brown to black vaginal bleeding may present with little to no symptoms beyond the discharge.

Foul-smelling discharges should also be taken seriously as this may be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Untreated or delayed treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease remains one of the most common causes of female infertility. A fever, nausea and vomiting along with pelvic pain and discharge (whether it is blood or not) should also be treated as a medical emergency until proven otherwise.

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  1. Seeing brown cloths when urinating just before menstruation. Pain all over my body

    • Hi Pearl. This is worrying because the clots may not be from the vagina but from the bladder or other part of the urinary tract. It could be an infection and this needs to be assessed by a doctor as soon as possible. If it is an untreated urinary tract infection, then it may even eventually affect the kidneys. However, if it is from the vagina then this may be pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

  2. Sharp pain on left side of stomach when sitting to use the toilet.. Has ben like this for the past to weeks then today dark brown blood?

    • Hi Ann. It would be advisable to have this checked up. It is possible this is related to an infection (pelvic inflammatory disease) or it could even be a sign of having miscarried. Difficult to say for sure. Your doctor will be able to advise you further.

  3. I’m 23, perfectly healthy, but overweight. I’m extremely irregular. I haven’t had a period in over a year (but that’s “normal” for me) but I have been “brown bleeding” for 2 weeks. We are also trying to have a baby. I’m worried about why this is occurring and if it will affect my chances of conceiving. I haven’t had any other symptoms aside from a cramp here and there. Is there something wrong with me?

  4. Dark colored blood (clot-like). Irregular cycle. I was washing my V then i saw small amounts of the blood

  5. Dark colored blood (clot-like). Irregular cycle. I was washing my V when i saw the blood. What does this mean?

  6. I’m 18, I’ve had black bleeding for over a week and really bad pain in my stomach. I get dizzy and just sleep all the time, I cant eat and when I do I throw up. I’ve been to a few doctors about my period being this bad so they gave me the rod and it hasn’t helped. Any idea what it could be? As I am worries about maybe having endometriosis.

  7. My mentral flow is black I don’t just understand

  8. Hi, I have all symptoms of a period, but i’m not bleeding. I bleed bright red when going to bathroom (number 2) and then it stops (no period bleeding). Then I get this brown to black with clots.. I have an IUD and I know that my hormones are not “normal”. So I have my period every two months. I took a pregnancy test but it was negative. This has been going on for a week now.

    • Hi Cherine. The question is whether these symptoms are gynecological or urinary related. You could have a UTI (urinary tract infection) which may account for symptoms that could be mistaken for premenstrual. Home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate these days if done properly but not infallible either. Of course there is the concern for a host of diseases, including sexually transmitted infections, which you could have contracted. So you really should see a doctor to exclude a host of possibilities before confirming the diagnosis.

    • Hi Cherine. The question is whether these symptoms are gynecological or urinary related. You could have a UTI (urinary tract infection) which may account for symptoms that could be mistaken for premenstrual. Home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate these days if done properly but not infallible either. Of course there is the concern for a host of diseases, including sexually transmitted infections, which you could have contracted. So you really should see a doctor to exclude a host of possibilities before confirming the diagnosis.

  9. Brown smelly blood 11 days after a 3 day period

    • I’ve been sexually active everyday for two weeks unpretected could be implantation bleeding or old blood it filled up a always thin pantiliner

      • Hi Amanda. It is difficult to say but the first possibility that needs to be ruled out is pregnancy. As you said you are active daily for the past 2 weeks so the chances of pregnancy increases significantly. The implantation bleed is usually very slight. A heavy bleed can occur in the first trimester and could mean that you pregnancy is in jeopardy (threatened abortion) if you are indeed pregnant. But there are also other diseases. some of which are sexually transmitted, that could account for the bleeding. See a doctor as soon as possible.

      • Hi Amanda. It is difficult to say but the first possibility that needs to be ruled out is pregnancy. As you said you are active daily for the past 2 weeks so the chances of pregnancy increases significantly. The implantation bleed is usually very slight. A heavy bleed can occur in the first trimester and could mean that you pregnancy is in jeopardy (threatened abortion) if you are indeed pregnant. But there are also other diseases. some of which are sexually transmitted, that could account for the bleeding. See a doctor as soon as possible.

  10. hello
    I have gone ten weeks without a period so I thought I was finally going into menopause. Today I saw a very dark drop of blood. It was red/brown.
    any thoughts

    • Hi Gloria. Before menopause starts you go through a phase known as perimenopause. During this time you could miss the odd period or two and the entire menstrual cycle seems to be very disrupted. There may also be some of the menopause symptoms that come and go. However, the first consideration in your case is to exclude pregnancy. As long as you are not yet in menopause (confirmed), pregnancy is still a possibility irrespective of your age. The drop of blood could be an implantation bleed. As mentioned in the article, there could also be other causes such as various diseases. Speak to your doctor ASAP.

  11. 3 days after my painful breakup I got Dark brown vaginal bleeding with clots. No pains. Which was a week from sexual intercourse and taking a contraceptive pill. My periods are not supposed to be until another 15 days. This is the third day of same Coloured bleeding with clots. Is this stress related? Or could it be something else?

    • Hi Suzy. Emotional stress can cause a number of physical symptoms. However, the dark brown clots and abnormal bleeding (since it is not time for your periods) needs to be investigated. It could just be your period coming earlier than it should. Such changes in the menstrual cycle can occur at times with severe stress. However, the concern is whether this is due to any disease or even a miscarriage even if you were unaware of being pregnant. Of course these are just some possibilities. Rather speak to your doctor.

  12. Jessica Marie AmayaBby November 7, 2014 at 6:23 am

    For the last 3 weeks my discharge was brown nd i got my period on mon nd it was still brown never red…i didn’t even bleed this has never happed before is that normal? I’m worried

    • Hi Jessica. While there can be some fluctuation in the color of your discharge, a brown discharge that persists for so long is not usually considered to be normal. Of course, it depends on the shade of brown to some degree as well. It could be a sign of various conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and even certain types of gynecological cancers. This is not to say that it is cancer but you should have it checked up as soon as you can.

    • Hi Jessica. While there can be some fluctuation in the color of your discharge, a brown discharge that persists for so long is not usually considered to be normal. Of course, it depends on the shade of brown to some degree as well. It could be a sign of various conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and even certain types of gynecological cancers. This is not to say that it is cancer but you should have it checked up as soon as you can.

  13. Hi Suzy. Emotional stress can cause a number of physical symptoms. However, the dark brown clots and abnormal bleeding (since it is not time for your periods) needs to be investigated. It could just be your period coming earlier than it should. Such changes in the menstrual cycle can occur at times with severe stress. However, the concern is whether this is due to any disease or even a miscarriage even if you were unaware of being pregnant. Of course these are just some possibilities. Rather speak to your doctor.

    • Jade Nicole Covey December 4, 2014 at 12:14 am

      I have blackish brown blood coming from my vagina. Ive been nausious and having been gaining wight. Today i started bleeding the wierd colored blood. The last time this happened i was misscarrying. The time before that i was diagnosed with abnormal cell on my cervics. What should i do?

  14. Hi Gloria. Before menopause starts you go through a phase known as perimenopause. During this time you could miss the odd period or two and the entire menstrual cycle seems to be very disrupted. There may also be some of the menopause symptoms that come and go. However, the first consideration in your case is to exclude pregnancy. As long as you are not yet in menopause (confirmed), pregnancy is still a possibility irrespective of your age. The drop of blood could be an implantation bleed. As mentioned in the article, there could also be other causes such as various diseases. Speak to your doctor ASAP.

  15. I have horrific period cramps, its my second period in 3 weeks, my blood is brown again and the pain is that horrific, I have vomitted twice, I feel awful, what should i do?

    • Hi Elsie. These are very concerning symptoms. It may not be typical period cramps. This could be pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or even a hormone abnormality. Pregnancy, or in this case even a miscarriage, is another possibility. You should not delay any further. You need to seek medical attention.

  16. I was 2 days late then had my period for 2days and a half with clots and bad cramps nothing like before (I’ve had a child too) on the 4th day I had brown blood with a normal pink but not heavy just spotting but the brown blood was old looking. I’ve never had anything like this. I feel sick dizzy and cervical cancer runs in my family. My daughter is one. I’m scared to tell anyone I don’t want bad news. Only 22 :'(

    • Hi Kristina. Pregnancy first needs to be excluded with symptoms like these in your age group. Your doctor may also have to look at the possibility of an infection. Only once these possibilities are excluded then cervical cancer would be considered. Do not stress just yet. Hopefully you have been going for your regular Pap smear. Delaying medical attention out of fear of a adverse prognosis is dangerous. Remember that if it’s a serious disease, it is better that it is diagnosed early and the appropriate treatment can then be started ASAP. This will improve the outcome. See your doctor immediately.

  17. I had a baby almost 5 months ago and went on birth control right after (shot). But whenever I have intercourse with my husband I start bleeding a bit and now I’ve noticed to be having a brown discharge along with slight red blood. Why is this happening?

    • Hi Jazmin. There are many possible causes of vaginal bleeding after intercourse. It is not unexpected a short while after giving birth but it is now 5 months later after you had your baby. You may have to consider an infection, including a sexually transmitted infection, cervical or endometrial polyps, atrophic vaginitis and so on. One of the main concerns though is cervical cancer which may present with all of the symptoms you have described above. It is difficult to say online. You should consult with your gynecologist.

  18. Hi there.. my messes are dark and comes in drops.. I’m so scared of going to the hospital cuz I really don’t wanna hear any bad news. I’m not sexually active which rules out STI.. I’m thinking it could be threatening and I’m super scared I just don’t wanna know… mind you had my period late aswell.. 10 days to be precise.

    • Hi MzChoco. If you are not sexually active then an STI or pregnancy is not a consideration. There is no way of saying for sure what may be causing this darker menses. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible causes. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor and undergo further medical investigations. Being afraid of bad news is not unusual. But bear in mind that the longer you wait, the more likely that this can lead to complications. If it is a serious disease that is causing it then early diagnosis can drastically improve the outcome. See your doctor as soon as possible.

  19. Hi i had a regular cycle (4-5 days) then a day passed an it started again but its black in color and its spotting. and now i am getting a mild to moderate pain on the left side of my abdomen.This has been happening for 3 days now. I had a BTL a year ago so i am not pregnant and no STI’s. I’m afraid to have intercourse. Need some advise on which way to go from here do i see a specialist or my regular OBGYN. Thanks

    • Hi April. You definitely should first consult with your OBGYN. The concern here is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and cervical cancer among other conditions. Hopefully you have been having regular Pap smears. Do not get worried just yet though. This may not be a serious condition. Nevertheless see your OBGYN immediately.

  20. Jade Nicole Covey December 4, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Ive been diagnosed with abnoral cells in my cervic. And ive have 35 miscarragies. Im now having black blood coming from my vagina. Im scared. What do i do?

    • Hi Jade. You also mentioned in your other post that you have also been experiencing nausea and weight gain. You could very well be pregnant and given your history of miscarriages, it is important to confirm/exclude pregnancy and see a gynecologist as soon as possible. In addition, the abnormal cells on your cervix should also raise the concern about cervical cancer, which can present with this brownish-black discharge/blood. Pregnancy and cervical cancer would be the first considerations in your case but these symptoms could very well be due to other conditions. Your gynecologist will advise you accordingly.

  21. on my first day of my period its dark brown in color. is it normal?

    • Hi Diana. If this has always happened with every period and there are no other symptoms or health problems then it is usually not a cause for concern. Even if this happened just once off and there are no other symptoms then you will not need to worry immediately but it is advisable to have it checked up. Hopefully you do know whether you are pregnant and go for regular Pap smears. Nevertheless you should speak to your doctor about it.

  22. I have been bleeding for 18 days. I always have a good period and it is always on time. This is the first time this has ever happened. I have been to several doctors and none of them say anything about it. One wants to do a biopsy of the vulva to see if its poosible HPV and the other doctor wants to do a scraping of the womb. My biggest concern is that I have been bleeding for so long. It is not heavy. The first week was normal. This week it seems to be off and a different color and texture and I am panicking because no doctor has been able to help me

    • Hi Mary. Hopefully you have seen a gynecologist and not just a GP. You do not mention your age or any medical history so it is difficult to comment much further. You should go with the advice of your doctor – the scraping and the biopsy may both be necessary. Despite your anxiety, it is advisable that you do not delay too long because it may lead to complications and make treatment difficult.

      • I am 33. I finally stopped bleeding after 3 weeks. I have seen 2 gyn and 2 urogyn. I am waiting for the hpv results to get back. But my paps have always been normal. I am now suffering from chronic yeast infections. I just dont have medical ins to do the scraping…

        Thank You

        • Hi Mary. Glad to hear that the bleeding has stopped. Now that the bleeding has ceased, the scraping may not be necessary. Your gynecologist will be able to advise you further on treating the chronic yeast infection.

  23. Ive been getting these clots and brown discharge along with pain in my lower back i went straight to the sexual health clinic and wverything came back clear now im very worried :/

    • Hi Lauren. It may be advisable to get a second opinion. While slight changes can occur with the menstrual cycle, the sudden appearance of clots and an unusually colored discharge definitely needs to be assessed further. Your OBGYN may be able to advise you further.

  24. Stephany Cabilla December 8, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Haie . I would just like to ask if my mens cycle is still normal . Ive got blacker blood and slower flow compared to before .

    • Hi Stephany. The odd change may not be a cause for concern immediately. It is difficult for us to say if it is normal or not. You should speak to your doctor, especially if it continues like this or other symptoms arise.

  25. Hi I’ve been bleeding for 15 days. The first 5 or 6 started out light brown and only enough to wear a panty liner. Then switched to regular flow and bright red but the whole 15 days I’ve had an oder as well. I usually don’t have an oder until the last two days of my cycle. I am on birth control and has missed a few days but having an order shouldn’t have anything to do with that right? Should I see a doctor now or wait until the bleeding stop?

    • Hi Meemee. Firstly if you have missed your pills and you are experiencing any symptoms then you should check if you are pregnant. It is possible and this bleeding may be a sign of a threatened abortion. When you do miss your pills you could trigger a period as your hormone levels drop and vaginal bleeding may commence. So this is another possibility. But the prolonged bleeding like this with an offensive odor definitely needs to be investigated further. You need to see your gynecologist as soon as possible.

  26. It’s my second day and my period looks like melted chocolate. I’ve been super stressed and emotional lately because of external issues and my last period went for over a week. Do you think it’s just emotional hormonal stuff or what? T^T

    • Hi Jamie. It could be related to your current emotional stress. Menstrual changes are known to occur when a woman is undergoing severe psychological stress but the changes are usually temporary. It may be worth having this checked up. It could be a miscarriage even though you may not have realized you are pregnant. It could also be some serious conditions. So rather seek medical attention and know for sure if it is serious or not.

  27. Hi my name is kursum m getting brown clots bt hv no pain bcz last month i gt miscarrige n my period date ws 10 bt i ddnt gt n since yestdym getting brown clots is it normal or

    • Hi Kursum. It’s not uncommon to clot after a miscarriage especially if you were well into the first trimester or even later into the pregnancy. Hopefully you have consulted with a doctor. If not, do so immediately.

  28. I had a laparoscopy (second one) in Dec of ’13 to get rid of some endo and I’ve had some abnormal bleeding, mainly dark blood and my gyn is at a loss as to where the blood is coming from. I’m seeing a pelvic pain specialist who has me on the pill and I’ve told her about the dark blood with almost every cycle. I’ve had a couple of normal looking periods but that’s it. I have pain in the same spot too. I think I may have some endometrial adhesions (scar tissue) forming and I may need another procedure to find out what this is. I’m frustrated and getting little help from doctors. I am 42, would still like to conceive with a donor embryo or something so I don’t want a hysterectomy. Ultrasound doesn’t pick up anything.

    • HI Kaz. If you are unhappy with the current treatment then you should seek a second opinion from another gynecologist. However, it may worthwhile to first consult with the upcoming specialist before taking any decision to change doctors. It is a bit confusing as to why there is uncertainty about the source of the blood since you don’t have a hysterectomy. The blood could very well be a period. Anyway, given the chronic nature of endometriosis and the difficulty in treating it, it is best left to the doctors overseeing your case. As per you other question, the advice offered on this platform do not constitute a medical consultation. We are simply guiding users who ask questions as to the a possible route to take with their concerns. Ultimately you should consult with your doctor and follow his/her advice closely.

  29. Sorry, thx for any info in advance. Are you doctors?

  30. I’ve been on Depo for three years and haven’t gotten periods in about two, but I got a light period three months ago and now I’m having a very painful one and it’s been going for over a week. It started brown, sometimes goes to red and then brown again, and for a moment or two each night it comes out black and sour smelling. Intercourse has been painful for the last two weeks or more, but peeing doesn’t hurt. I saw a doctor today and she said everything was normal, but I’m thinking of going to another clinic to get another opinion.

  31. Hi my period was due yesterday 20/12 but I had a small red bleed on the 18/12 then nothing till today when I was red again when I wiped then half an hour later it was dark brown black and now nothing I have no Idea what’s happening ????

  32. Hi there, I regularly get brown discharge (almost like how it is at the end of my cycle) after being intimate with my husband even when I am no where near my period. Just checked and am 14 days until Im due but I still have the brown discharge after last night, even though he was relatively gentle with me. I dont get pain with it but do get random ‘spikes’ and ‘cramps’ of pain throughout the month though I attribute this to my cycle – should I be looking into this further or am I getting worried about nothing? Thanks!

    • Hi Samantha. It is advisable to look into this further especially with serious conditions like cervical cancer presenting with a brown discharge. Hopefully you have been having regular Pap smears. Your symptoms may be nothing to worry about but there is just no way of saying for sure without consulting with a doctor in person and undergoing further diagnostic investigation.

  33. Hi there. I’ve had constant “brown bleeding” for two weeks now. It’s dark brown, almost black, and there have been a number of large clots. At first I thought it was my period coming one week early, but it has not stopped, lessened or increased. It just has been a steady flow of dark brown blood, enough to fill half a pad on a daily basis.
    I am on the pill, and my partner and I have unprotected sex regularly. I’m worried this was a miscarriage, or something else is seriously wrong.

    • Hi Lis. Yes it is possible that this could be a miscarriage. As you know the oral contraceptive is not 100% effective and if you have missed a pill or anything of the sort then you could have fallen pregnant. Of course at the same time there could be other causes. Really difficult to say. As you will see on most of the other comments and responses, you should speak to a doctor and undergo further investigation.

  34. Brandon & makala Jones January 2, 2015 at 1:19 am

    Hi i have stage 2 cervical cancer & have started having small to medium blood clots longer periods & alot of the time my blood looks brown almost black & then will go bright red is this normal?

    • HI Brandon & Makala. If you did not have this type of clotting in the past when you we having your periods then it is worth having it checked up. Clots do occur for some women and it is considered normal. However, given your history of cervical cancer there is no way of saying for sure whether this is a symptom that you can just ignore. Rather be safe than sorry and ask your doctor about it.

  35. Hi. For the past two months, my periods have come one week earlier than normal. I have very little brownish-red discharge for only two days, not enough to fill a tampon. It is more like spotting, that normal menstrual bleeding. Normally, I would have more bleeding for 4 days. Prior to this happening, I had taken the morning after pill. What could be the issue? I have not tested for pregnancy, and have not experienced any other symptoms. Many thanks.

  36. Hi. For the past two months, my periods have come one week earlier than normal. I have very little brownish-red discharge for only two days, not enough to fill a tampon. It is more like spotting, that normal menstrual bleeding. Normally, I would have more bleeding for 4 days. Prior to this happening, I had taken the morning after pill. What could be the issue? I have not tested for pregnancy, and have not experienced any other symptoms. Many thanks.

  37. I didnt have my period for over a month and a half and then my sisters house burnt and i had a gush of dark red blood come out then it stopped. I didnt bleed after that until 2 days later and its been on and off since then but a brownish black looking color with no clots. Im worried and dont know whats going on.

    • Hi Lezamor. Hopefully you have seen a doctor at this point. Missing the odd period is not usually a concern. However, the onset of this untimely bleeding which is brown in color definitely warrants further investigation. You don’t mention your age and much about your medical history so it is difficult to point towards specific age-related factors, like perimenopause. You gynecologist will be able to advise your further.

  38. I just started my cycle yesterday , full on cramps Brown bleeding light to heavy flow, Brown the whole time, cycle seem to have comea little early as well….help! I don’t understand, it’s never started Brown or light flowing , the opposite actually. Now I’m heavy and still very dark blood.

    • Hi Selinda. You cannot be sure that this is your periods. As you said, it is earlier than regular. You need to have it assessed. There is a host of possibilities for this type of brown bleeding, from a miscarriage to pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer and so on. It is advisable that you consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

  39. January 15, 2015 at 6:51 am

    Hi, I’ve had the Mirena IUD for almost 2 years and just this past week had dark brown nearly black discharge. It was never red so I’m not sure if this was a period or not since I haven’t had regular periods and never seen this before. No other symptoms but there were some small clots.

  40. Hi, I am curious about my period. I was about 14 and put on the depo for about 4 years conservatively. I didn’t have a period for about 3 1/2 years on it and then when I got off I still didn’t have a period for the next 2 years. When I got my first period after that when I was about 20 it looked like tar black and thick, nothing to worry about I mean that was like 7 years of backed up blood but now 2 years later I am still having the same period of thick black blood. I’ve gone to the doctor but they seem to ignore it and I haven’t gotten any answers as to why it’s like that. I think maybe one or twice it turned red for a day or two but went back to black during that cycle.

    • I am having the exact same problem! But mine will only last hours then go away for a week maybe longer. I’m really starting worry… I need to go to the doctor but I keep putting it off.

      • Hi Linds30. If your bleeding is not within the time of your periods then it would be considered as abnormal vaginal bleeding and needs to be investigated, irrespective of the color and duration. Your doctor will able to advise your further.

    • Hi Jessie. Normally the period restores within a few months after stopping the contraceptive injection. If it hasn’t then it may be worth investigating further. The lack of periods could be due to some other condition apart from your prolonged use of contraceptives. The blood does not stay backed up for all those years 🙂 Hormone contraceptives prevent the normal fluctuation of hormones during a menstrual cycle which eventually culminates wit bleeding (your period). Occasional darker blood is not always a cause for concern provided that you do not have any severe pain, difficulty conceiving and your regular Pap smears are normal. Nevertheless you should have it check by a gynecologist.

  41. Hi so I just finished being on my period and I thought it stopped but like a day after it was done it came back lightly and brown. Should I be worried?

    • Hi Em. It is possible that your period had not ended. The flow does become much lighter and tapers off towards the end. So sometimes it may seem like the period ended but it hasn’t. However, this is just one possibility. It is also possible that this is abnormal vaginal bleeding due to some gynecological problem. It is advisable to be cautious and consult with a doctor.

  42. Hiya everyone one my last.period was 2 weeks aggo and every day since I’ve been loosing black discharge is this normal??

    • HI Lauren. No it’s not considered normal. You should consult with a doctor as soon as possible. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible causes. Only your doctor can say for sure why this is occurring, possibly after running further diagnostic investigations.

  43. Hello. I’ve started to have brown discharge along with cramps about 2 days ago. I just recently had my period about a week before too. I am on the pill, but my partner & I still have unprotected sex once in a while. Should I contact my doctor?

    • Hi Kay. Yes, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. The period that you have is when the hormone levels (from the pill) drops. If your period was finished then iyou should not be experiencing any bleeding now provided that you have been taking your pill on time everyday. However, you say it’s a brown discharge so it may not even be blood (although this is unlikely). The cramps are also worrying.

  44. Hi. So I have been under a lot of stress for the past couple of months and I missed my period because of it. At the beginning on the month, I thought I was getting my period but instead, I got a very light flow of pinkish red and brown blood. No cramps, odors, upset stomach, hot flashes, or anything related. 2 weeks later and it has not stopped yet, although it has decreased a little, kind of like spotting. What can be causing this? And btw. I’m not sexually active but when I was supposed to get my period, I got super horny. Is that normal as well? Thanks in advance

    • I’ve been on the same problem for 10 days. What could this be? I am 30 and sexually active

  45. Hello. Almost two weeks ago (the 9th) I started to have brown discharge along with cramps and my breasts were swollen, the cramps only lasted for a day and then the swelling went away two days later. Then four days (13th) after the brown discharged started, there was a sharp pain and it then look liked my period had started. This then lasted till the the 17. My periods are normally irregular and having around a 32 day cycle however this started with a 26 day cycle.

  46. My period stopped at the end of my sophomore year in high school then I had my very first period in my freshman year in college since then. (2 years I didn’t have my period)
    What came out are black blood clots, if I estimate, it should be around 2 palm size of the blood clots that came out.
    I am now a sophomore year in college and my period is either just black blood clots or brown. It doesnt smell or anything. I went to my doctors and i told my doctor about it, he suggested that I should see a woman’s doctor but I’m scared.

    P.s. I am still a virgin so I don’t think it has anything to do with sexual things.

    • Hi KC. Yes, you need to see a gynecologist as soon as possible. If this is some gynecological disorder then early treatment can greatly improve the outcome which could even impact on your ability to conceive later in life. Do not delay. A gynecologist will conduct the necessary tests and it is possible that there is nothing to worry about. Only way that you will know for sure is when you consult with a gynecologist.

  47. Hi. I had bled for two days with no sign of cramps or back pain and it was brown in color not black. Again after two days i.e. Yesterday i started bleeding but both the time there was very very less flow of blood. Also it’s not time for period yet. Last time i had periods on 13th january.
    Should I be worried about any serious problems??

  48. Also i see a redness in the vagina. Everything is happening at once plzzz help me with this. Really confused!!!

  49. Hello. I had my menstrual startn around the 23rd it left about 6days later 3days later I saw a light brown discharge which then became blood I have been seeing this every since. Its not flowing down heavy but when I wipe myself it is kinda heavy on the blood. Please help me Im scared Ive never had anything like this happen to me

  50. Hi Samantha. You’re correct in that there may be brown/dark brown bleeding towards the end of the period. Most women experience this and do not bother about it unless it is uncharacteristic. Actually it is usually a darker red to maroon in color but may appear as brown in color when a sanitary pad is changed as the blood degrades. The article was intended for women who do not usually experience brown/dark brown blood at the end of the period, or where the blood is suddenly darker brown in color than they are accustomed to.

    • Hi phaacom. I had slight pink spotting (barely noticable, you wouldnt see it on tp if you wasnt looking. Sorry if tmi) for 3 days a week before my period (14,15, and 16th or Feb.) Now on the 17th of Feb I’m having some brown bleeding. At first it was very noticeable but then the next time I check there is hardly any there. Do u have any idea what is going on with me??

  51. Im approx two month late on my period and today is its first day. Its been dark brown and black which is very new to me . Ive been on a strict diet which might be an answer but just to make sure is that normal?

  52. Hi,
    I have missed my period for 2 1/2 months now & have had symptoms like breast discomfort, irritation, cramps, bloating, headaches, dizziness, cravings, nausea & tiredness. This past weekend my husband & I went to an amusement park & this sunday I started w/ a bit of red bleeding & discharge but I can only see the bleeding when I wipe. Today the blood is still red but there was brown discharge/blood. It’s very little but still & I have cramping. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests. One a month ago & one yesterday & they are both negative. Is this something I should be worried about? & I am pretty mich always stressed.

    • You may be anemic, missed periods, headaches, dizziness, cravings and tiredness are all symptoms of this. Your inner eyelids should be a dark pink/red colour and your tongue red. If not get a blood test.

  53. Hi I’m on the pill and my period blood looks somewhat dry if i were too describe it. This problem started about 2 weeks before I was suppose to start my period. Also it only lasted about 3 days (which is abnormal for a period also). This is the first time I’ve noticed this occurring. The color of the blood is dark brown/ black and I’m spotting of blood. it also doesn’t flow like a normal period even if i was just spotting. The blood comes out somewhat blotchy.
    Is this just a sign that I need to switch to a different pill? Or should I be worried?

    by the way i’m only 21 and i would consider myself very active.

  54. Hi kira here
    I took clomid last month(January) an my period was to be on d 27 of this month but i came 24 it was light brown next day dark brown another it started to bleed but red an black slight clot whats happen

  55. My period has been strange or absent for going on 4 months. In November I had 3 day period but it was brown, no pain. December I didn’t have a period but in the beginning of January I had brown for 2 days but only when I wiped. A little over a week after that I had 2 days of a regular bleed. February is almost over and I have nothing. I’ve taken pregnancy test all negative.
    A normal period for me is 4 to 5 days of heavyish bleeding and bad cramps on the first day. I haven’t had any pain since my cycle has been wacky. Any idea what all this could mean?

  56. Hi i had my period at the beggining of the month and about 3 days ago i started to bleed again its a brownish color and has a foul odor i have never had my period twice in a month and this doesnt feel like my normal period

  57. My last period was on February 17-20 and the on February 21 I started birth control for first time because I have small cysts on my left ovaries. I am 22 years old and I am engaged and have only had one partner as has he. On March 1 I experienced some back pains though not unusual when im on my period but this is too soon for that. I also had brown spotting and dark blood clot. Is this because I started birth control or is this something else and I should contact my OBGYN? Thank you

  58. cynthia theresa Mthombeni March 5, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Hi there i had sex on the 29/12/2014 last month my period was dark brown and sporty and even this month is it came out once and it was dark what is the problem please help

  59. Hi, I was 8 days late last month usually 29d now this month im 11d late a day or two before my period was due I had red spotting only minimal lasted a day r two. Now I am getting Brown/black when wipe. Pains in my belly are niggling. Usually I have pretty painful periods. I honestly havent taken a test as I have pcos and clinic says we need ivf icsi and honestly I fed up gettin hopes up. But could this be a miscarraige or just start of another very late period?

  60. Last month I had my period for 21 days after my birth control ended and my doctor didn’t seem fazed about it. And now this month it been for two days now I have black thick period (it seem) when I wipe.

  61. Hi there… i have been suffering with pain and brown blood the past 5 days but my period isn’t due for another 2 days is this normal.. I also took a pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative.. I’m also having with with sex too…

  62. Ment to say pain with sex

  63. For the past 2 periods I have a had black blood one day in the beginning and one day at the end however the last time it was black all the way through and my period started today with dark brown blood.

    Also I haven’t had sex in 14 months

  64. My 16 year old daughter has had her period since she was 11 and still only gets her period about 3-4 times a year. She mostly just passes gunky, old, black blood. She doesn’t have a lot of pain, she just feels tired. I have pursued help before but was told to just wait it out. Do you agree?

  65. Hey, it’s been two weeks today since I had an IUI and I woke up this morning to see very dark brown discharge. .am I miscarriage? ?
    am very worried. Please help me.

  66. Hello.I’ve had this dark brown to black vaginal bleeding never red the last time on my cycle I have came on my cycle twice in one month and this has occurred and I do have my tubes tied any suggestions on why this is.

  67. Hi there, since last month my period lasted for about 3-4 days when usually it last at least 6 days. And the blood amount was not like the usual amount, it’s very less and the color is brown. This month, it happen to be the same thing. May I know what might cause it?

  68. Hi, i m maksu! I do sex with by bf 3times & i take emergency birth pill 3 times. Now i face problem in my period. Last 2 days ago i start my period but my blood color change & it black or brown clots type. I do not understand whats the problem? Pls answer..

  69. Hi. I just had and a miscarriage about a month ago. The drs gave me these meds to help my uterus push it out. Well turns out that they didn’t help. Last Tuesday I had to have an emergency surgery because I was hemorrhaging really bad. They gave me antibiotics and another pill for the bleeding. I stopped bleeding on Thursday and my blood was bright red. The bleeding has started again but now its heavier and it’s almost black.. I’m very worried. What should I do?

  70. I had my normal 7day period, 2days later I noticed brown spotting(like I normally do towards the end of period) then nothing for a day. Now I’m going on 3days of dark brown, reddish(more brown than red) of flow like im having another period, back to back

  71. Last month i remained abstinance and the last depo shot i had expired in febuary I had my period last month but it was a dark brown color lasted me 5 days on that same month i had it again for 2 1/2 days on the last week but now this month i havent gotten anything and im very worried i just had my daughter shes now 7 months

  72. Hello,

    I’ve been having brown-dark vaginal bleeding for the past 3 months. It is very light, not like my normal periods but the blood smells awful, it looks and smells like old blood, the ones we get towards the end of a period. I have not had a regular period for the last three months, the bleeding last for weeks at a time then stops for a little then starts back up again. I’ve always had irregular periods since I was younger but I’ve never really experienced anything like this. I know it’s not an STD. I’ve been stressed out lately, but the smell and length it’s been going on for is starting to concern me.

    • To Jenna & others on this site: Problem can be attributable to an OLD TAMPON left inside from a past period. Go to gynecologist and let them check you out. Symptoms: brownish blood, bad smell, bleeding after sex, irregular bleeding… This happens more OFTEN than one might think! Yes, it is possible to wear more than one tampon at a time without knowing it. Hope this helps you and others!

  73. Hey There. Can anyone help me? i think i’m pregnant but i took a test and it came back negative an for the past 4 days now I’ve been experiencing some brown blood including clots an lower abdominal pain. what does this mean?

  74. I’m am on my third period and right before it started I got this brown almost black discharge and now I have a lot of it along with some of my regular bright red blood. I have no idea if its normal or not and I don’t think its and std considering I’m a virgin. Please help me and let me know if I should tell my mom.

  75. Hi there. My periods have been irregular lately. April 1 start lasted 11 days. April 29 due came on May 11 and lasted 5 days very heavy with clots. If I had been regular it would have been due again May 27 but figured it wouldn’t because I had been late the month before. Spotting started May 28 and is a dark brown, but minimal. Breasts were tender from May 25 to 28. I have always been an every 28-29 day cycle with them lasting 5-7 days and heavy the first 2 days. I am 47 but have no other menopausal symptoms. Is this the beginning?

  76. Hi all, I’ve had dark brown, almost black bleed for 2.5 days early than my regular period. The bleed is very light and I don’t have cramps. I had unprotected sex with my husband. So we been trying to have baby and we are considering old couple just turn 40. I never suffered this black vaginal bleed before and this is considering my first time. I wonder is this my period and if this is so, I won’t be expecting anything will continue try again. And if this is not my regular menses, is been two weeks, my menses has not arrive? Please advise.

    • Hi, i usually have slight pains during my period. But on the fourth day of my period every month, i pass clots accompanied by very sharp pains in my lower abdomen through my legs and this stops right after the clots come out. What can be the cause of this?

  77. I haven’t had my period for a while now and I have never had sex with another person. I am heavy set and short, and I’m only 15 years old. I’ve had my period for 4 years now. Anywho, the past two years I’ve been having long absences of my period, 4 to 7 months at a time. I had my period one month after about 6 months, and then back to nothing for another 3 or 4. I had my period again this month but it’s an extremely light flow, it’s a light brown and stringy/clumpy. At first it was like spotting but then when I put a pad on the flow is barely heavier. There is no pain, I’m not on any medication, and there has been no excessive change in my diet or exercising habits except maybe a bit more exercise to help drop some weight. Any Ideas of what this is?

    • check for anemia – absence of period was the first sign of anemia for me. If you struggle with tiredness check it out.

  78. Hi there for the last six months I have had dark brown spotting before my period for about a week but its really light. Then I have a very heavy period for about five to seven days. Then back to a heavy dark brown spotting for about four or five more days. I’m a lesbian and me and my wife don’t use straps and yes we do the yearly check up and I was all clear. I’m 40 plus can this just be me going into the change of life?

  79. Hello my name is Renee and I have been bleeding ever since February it is now June. I am getting off of the shot. So now I have blood clots coming out of me and it’s black/dark red and I also be having pain on and off in my lower back or under my stomach I’m thinking that it might be cramps. Can someone explain this to me please??

  80. Hi I missed my next injection, and since then I have been bleeding brown blood everyday for the past couple of months at first I thought it was just a period but I’m starting to get really worried now as it hasn’t stopped can anyone suggest what the reason of this could be?

  81. I had my daughter 6 and a half years ago. In recent weeks I’ve started to have blackish gray nipple discharge and a period lasting 3 weeks( never happened before) and it a dark brown/black color but no noticeable odor. I’m unsure if I should be concerned

    • Go to the doctor immediately. I’m not a doctor, but I did study Biology in college and did research on the relationships between pregnancy, bacteria, and cancer. Pregnancy causes the body to produce chemicals that actually make a very comfortable environment for cancer growth. Nipple discharge and irregular periods can both be indicators of cancer. These two combined make me a little nervous. It’s probably nothing, but have a doctor make that determination.

  82. Okay this is my issue. I started with dark brown almost black blood. just finished my period a week ago. not due for my period for another 15 days. no signs or anything other then that. been to the doctors consistantly and they can’t find anything wrong. but my period has not been dead on for almost a year now. I have been checked for everything under the sun, and everything comes back normal. sooo confused and frustrated with this. and its driving me nuts…help me please.

  83. I had a baby in May. I had my first cycle 2 weeks ago. Since a week ago I have had brown discharge that also contain clots. Is this normal?

  84. Hello! Um I just started with my period….or at least I think it is… but its not red it’s more brown and turns black it is also not a heavy flow, there has also been a small pain in my vagina. Could someone tell me if this is normal? This is my second day with it. I’m 17,still a virgin and I’ve had some problems before in skipping my periods.

  85. my 14 year old daughter started her period in January and they have always been brown in color, never red. What is the cause?

  86. I had extremely bad bloated lower abdominal, I was referred to a specialist who gave me a colonoscopy (About 2 year ago). Everything came back clear. However, the bloating carried on. They told me I had IBS, none of the IBS pills worked. I started to get a pin in my lower back, around my left hip, I have continual bloating. They took a smear last year, all was normal. However they took a swab 3 weeks a go and it showed I had an infection, I took antibiotics (3 a day for 7 days).However, when I came towards the end of my antibiotics I started with a dark brown/black bloody discharge. I’ve since had another swab but no word yet, I have been referred to gyanoecology but, t be honest, I’m scared. I had 2 miscarriages when younger, found out I was Resus 0-, I had the injection in my leg and for the last 5 years have been on the implant. What’s going on?

  87. I have already had my period this month but then I woke up to another period two weeks later. I have always got cramps but these ones were the worst ones I’ve ever felt. This period has brown almost black mucusy blood with clots in it it’s light almost non existent at times. I have read a few articles online about how stress, medications, and etc can effect your period, but I am a 16 year old virgin that has had no added stress in the last month.

  88. About two weeks ago I had my period which was a normal period. Three days ago I started again but it only been two weeks since I had my last and it’s not been like any period I’ve had before. It’s really only been spotting but it’s really dark in color almost black looking. Does anyone know why or what this is. One more thing I could add is I had a miscarriage about 3 months ago but my periods since the miscarriage have been normal.

  89. I had an IUI on Aug 29th then on Sept. 9-10 I had spotting and on the 11 I started my period. on the 12th it went away in the afternoon and I started spotting brown discharge which has been going on for 3 days now. I had blood test done and I am not pregnant. I am very stressed about this. What can be the problem?

  90. Heylo. I hadn’t had my period in about 2 and a half months. Mines always been irregular but this was the longest by far. About four days ago I thought I got my period however it’s been dark brown and has been coming out in small clots. I’ve been getting cramps during those four days and it has a foul smell. I’m really getting concerned as to what’s going on and if I should go see a doctor about this… I had previously mentioned it to my doctor about 3 weeks ago and I was sent for a pregnancy test which came up negative. If anyone has an answer it would be a lot of help.

  91. Hi, I’ve been having my brown period for 3 days now. My whole body hurts, my feet and upper back between the right shoulder blades are worse. Than i get headaches suddenly .Im really worried now because this has never happened to me before. Please help.

  92. hi so i’m 18 and have been on the depo soot for at lest a year and don’t usually have my peoid but last week it started and was brown/ black and then it stooped and i felt fine but today in the morning i wiped and it was brown later i went to the restroom and i was bleeding this time it was a normal red color.i havent been having sex of any kind and this never happened before i’m worried pleases help

  93. Hi my period was normal I’ve finished today I have very brown black discharge and pains in my stomach should I be worried

  94. Hi, I missed my last month period and now i have a black/brown discharge earlier than my normal menstrual flow. Please is it the old blood from last month or should i be concerned. i have no pain tho.

  95. This is my first period.. ever. It’s the 2nd day in, it’s brownish blackish.. very clotty. Heavy flow, vinager like smell, and a fullness feeling in my pelvic area that hurts, terribly. I’m not sure what to do. It can’t be an STD, I have never been intimate before…

  96. ok so for months now i have no discharge, no unusual pain, no burning or itching, no red flow and im having heavy bleeding from time to time with the color brown/black….im not to sure what to see a dr for because my only main concern is the coloration of my blood? Ive had my tubes tied for four almost five years now any ideas?

  97. Hi, last night I’ve noticed light brown discharge, I thought I was going to start my period the next day. Usually I get a light brown discharge the day before my period starts, so I figured I was going to start my period. By morning my discharge was now dark brown. Any thoughts about what it could be?

  98. Hi, I’m used to have brown blood the first day of my period but that’s it. Maybe the last day. My periods have been the same since I got my period at 13. I am now 19. They’ve been brown the first day and red the following 3-4 days with a regular flow throughout. I’ve been on the pill the last 5 months and this is the first my period has changed. I’ve had it for 4 days now and the first day it was heaving and brown like it normally is. The past three days it has been extremely light, like it’s not even there with a hint of brown blood still. I am sexually active and my partner and I use the pill as our only form of protection. Is this just an abnormal period or could it be something else.

  99. Hello, I’m a 19 year old female, I have never had a stable menstrual cycle unless I’m on birth control. Today, as I woke this morning I saw that I had a very dark brown vaginal discharge. I did have sex twice when I was about 16 years old. Why could be that I don’t have a stable menstrual cycle?
    Thank you!

  100. I noticed I was late for my menses , which is usually normal but not for me. Then almost a week and a half late I finally see blood but it’s only spotting and its dark brown almost black (indication of old blood). This lasted almost a week. My normal cycle is only three days. I’m 44 and it’s been this way since I was a teen. Research had me thinking this was perimenapausal. But by the end of that week, what looked like my cycle had finally started. It’s been over a week now and it’s extremely heavy. I’ve been bleeding dark to fresh for over two weeks now. Normal cramping, a bit swollen in the abdomen nothing unusual there. I’m currently celibate for five years, so not sexual. The lateness, the dark blood, the heaviness of the fresh blood, the length of the whole cycle all has me worried. I’ve had mild odor, not bad odor more like old blood not infection, but I am at a loss…

  101. Hello I’ve been on the depo for ten years but came off it the last 6 months in the last few days I’ve had extreme cramps in my pelvis and today I woke up with a lot of bleeding and black lumps when I’ve been to the toilet and I have not stopped bleeding since at a heavy rate …. ? I have done several negative pregnancy test and getting concerned.

  102. Hi, can anyone help? I’m over 3 weeks late for my period now. I’ve taken 3 tests all been negetive, but this past week I’ve been having dark brown discharge, noticed mainly when I wipe, but today it was nearly black, there’s never been any clots and there’s never been a lot, as I say only really noticed when I wipe, and it goes red after sex like fresh blood. not having any pain so or anything , anyone know what this could be?

  103. Hi just wanted to know I finished my periods on the 10th of this month. Today morning I had brown color bleeding what does this . please advice

  104. So this month I had what I think is another period, it started with spotting that was brown and turned black and then I got cramps and heavy flow of bright red blood followed by clots that were the size of maybe a nickel…it was only 12 days from the end of my last period to the beginning of the spotting. I am now on day 7 of this period and it’s not like my normal period it has a strong odor and it’s slowing down but I’m usually off by now…I don’t know if maybe this was a miscarriage or if there is something seriously wrong.

  105. Hi I’m 30 years old and when I’m suppose to be on my period all there is is just thick black discharge. This has been the case for a few months now. There was a time when I didn’t have periods at all I talked to the doctor I had at the time and she said that a very small percentage of women stop having their periods while on BYaz birth control pills. I was told that it wasn’t good that I wasn’t having a period and switch to ortho tri cyclen birth control pill. While I was on the ortho tried cycles my periods were normal, however I was having other issues so had to switch again. I am now on Gidess FE and now I’m experiencing the thick black discharge when I’m suppose to be on my period. Has anyone else experienced this?

  106. nyaradzo mandizvidza March 17, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    hie, my boyfriend and I has been having sex,sometimes with a condom othertimes unprotected but withdraws before he ejaculate..then a day from yesterday he came still inside ,l took the morning after pill…then the following day l had my period but it was dark brown to blackish….l am terrified and its been two days having that colour, its not sign for pregnancy,is it?

  107. Recently me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, briefly. For fear of becoming pregnant I took a morning after pull about 24 hours later. This was towards the middle of March! I have taken the morning after pill before and didn’t expect any symptoms or side affects, as I usually don’t exhibit any. Two days after we had protected sex, and a few hours later I began to bleed. It was very liquidy and brown (not like my regular extremely heavy menstruation), as well as having an extremely bad odor. Immediately after sex I felt a discomfort, not necessarily like anything I have felt before. I’m not due for my next period until the first week to week and a half of April. I’m not sure if this is just because of the morning after pill! I highly doubt it is, I just want to make sure I haven’t done any damage to myself. Help is appreciated

  108. Hello. I’m 18 years old and I am 10 days late but I have not had sex. A couple weeks ago I had some Black discharge for a couple of days with a bit of blood. Would that be considered my period? And weird odor as well. I have never been this late for a period and i do not have irregular periods. Should i be worried?

  109. Hi. I have an irregular mens cycle and its been more than 2 months since i had my period. I had pregnancy test but it came out negative.Lately, i had been bleeding during intercouse with my partner(not a lot) but He’s been very gentle. About a week ago, i noticed that i am having brown/black discharge and my urine has blood as well. im worried that there might be something wrong with me. Is this normal?

  110. Hi, I have pcod and gynae gave pill named yasmin (contraceptive pill) and normos (vitamin d and some other vitamins i guess). Since 3-4 days i am having dark brown almost blackish bleeding. It is very less. and dark brownish clots are also there. Its not my periods time and im still on contraceptive pills so i guess its not periods. Its painless and no weakness. Also almost 3yrs back i got my vaccination done for cervical cancer. please suggest what should i do.

  111. Hello,
    I’m a bit worried, today’s the 15th day of my period. On the 12th day, the color of blood change to black/brown, and it’s not a heavy bleeding. Today, it had changed back to red, and it’s starting to flow heavy again.

  112. So me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex regularly and two weeks ago we got a little rough and he cut my labia. It healed in a couple days and we havent messed around since but after that I’ve been bleeding dark brown and sometimes red. Also since then I have an urge to pee but can barely pee at all and when I do pee I still have a strong urge to go again. I’m starting to get worried and don’t know what to do

  113. So me and my boyfriend have sex regularly but I’m on the pill. two weeks ago we got a little rough and he cut my labia. It healed in a couple days and we havent messed around since but after that I’ve been bleeding dark brown and sometimes red. Also since then I have an urge to pee but can barely pee at all and when I do pee I still have a strong urge to go again. I’m starting to get worried and don’t know what to do

  114. nayana paluri July 11, 2016 at 8:49 am

    hi there.i usually get periods in time.but from last 6 months it was unusual .i am getting brown to black blood clots that lasts for 2 days of a small amount itself .nd
    my period last 2 days only …i was trying for my pragneny there any problem

  115. mythili naidu July 12, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    Hi. I m getting brown dark bleeding for 3 days. It is not with heavy flow just a half pad in a day. But it is not my period date. I still have 5 days for my regular cycle can u please tell me what would be the reason

  116. Hi, I’m 14 years old but have had my period since I was 11 and its regular. Except for the last 3 months.. I haven’t gotten my period and in replace I’ve had this very foul smelling gooey stringy black and brown discharge, no blood at all. I do have an under active thyroid but I take medication for it for years now and this has never happened? I’m not sexually active so I don’t have a std or other sexually transmitted diseases so I’m slightly concerned about why this is happening. I plan on seeing a doctor and the only reason I haven’t yet was because all they say is that I’m young and my period is irregular but again I’ve had it for more than 3 years now and it’s been fine except the past 3 months? Please help me have an understanding of what’s going on? Most websites say I could either be pregnant, have a miss carriage or some type of cancer? The only plausible explanation so far would be cancer because I’m a virgin, unless God has decided I’m the next Virgin Mary lol! Any information would help thanks so much.

  117. Hi I’ve had my period for 7 days with clots (red blood) then it turned into a brown colour without any clots but today the colour of it turned red again, all together I’ve been bleeding for 11 days and I usually only get my period for 2-3 days, Ive had the (rod) in my arm for nearly 2 and a half years now, everything has been normal until now,I’ve been on several different sights, I have really bad cramps and my nipples hurt bad I’ve also noticed the veins in my boobs have become more noticeable, I’m starting to get worried, please help me out with what this could mean??

    Thank you 🙂

  118. Hi there I have a hormonal imbalance and it causes me to hardly see my period, I got some light bleeding Saturday morning then it stopped that day, it was light pink to brown in color the next day it started back again with Brown blood and a few big clots came out and it has continued that way except I haven’t seen any more clots, my boobs well mainly my nipples are tingly I do sleep often and I just got over a painful back pain, I did the deed twice last week and it was unprotected but I am on birth control the shot I want to know if I should go see a doctor or just wait

  119. lauralee smith July 26, 2016 at 2:08 am

    Help. I’ve been getting serious periods for a while now they will last 7 to 10 days and the pain is unbearable. Recently though I have noticed I have been getting more extreme cramps and I am bleeding a dark brown to black! I don’t have any odor and I have been with the same partner faithfully for 10 years. The only other change was I had the Coil fitted about a year ago.
    I’m worried because the pain is so bad and the colour just doesn’t look healthy. Should I be seeking medical attention?

  120. Hi!! I had a c section delivery about 5 months ago,since then my mens was usual! However it came tis morn n its comming dark brown close to black also sum very tiny blood clots as i noticed when i wiped! Dont know what is goin on, first time i am seeing it lik this!

  121. Hi hope you can give some advice, I have just gone 9 weeks without a period (im normally every 28 days) I began 21 days ago and I had 1 and 1/2 weeks of brown bloody discharge with intermittant dark red bleeding. I passed a piece of tissue on the 26th July which basically fell out onto a sanitary pad and looked like dark tissue clump with a jelly like substance also I looked on further investigation to have something whiteish in side when I pulled it apart, since then I have had episodes of bleeding then big gushes and have been having bad lower back pain and before I get a gush i get bad cramping in the middle of my lower abdomen. yesterday I had barely any bleeding then today I have have one incident so far of heavy bleeding. I am trying to wait before having to go to the gp until the bleeding stops completely but I am wondering if I had a early miss. Hope you can advise. Thanks in advance.

  122. I know this is an old discussion. But I’ve had a heavy flow for two days and then this morning I wake up to brown discharge, it that normal? My periods are irregular and brown discharge usually happens in the middle of my periods, but not this early.

  123. I’m having blot clots n cramps for the past week n I can’t figure out the problem

  124. I had an iud taken out and had a normal period. Now it’s my next period and it’s coming out black. Has been black since day one of the period and been bleeding black for about 3 days now. No pain or anything just bleeding black non-stop.

    • Hi Amanda. This definitely needs to be assessed by your gynecologist. The initial bleeding may not have been a normal period as such. Black bleeding can occur for various reasons as mentioned in the article above and this may or may not be related to the IUD removal. It is therefore possible that this is an entirely separate condition which needs to be diagnosed and treated. Your gynecologist will advise you further.

  125. Hey my periods have been very irregular for awhile now i have been missing my periods or the flow may not be as heavy i just started today and its brown and stringy looking this has happened before it lasted about 4 days should i be concerned

    • Hi Meagan. The fact that you have irregular periods makes it difficult to say whether what you are now experiencing is your periods of or not. The brown stringy discharge would not be considered normal, even though it did occur previously. Even if the discharge has stopped by now, you definitely need to have it assessed by a gynecologist. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible causes and this has to be investigated.

  126. Hi, i’ve had my periods flow for the last four weeks, the first two weeks it was a light flow but for the last two weeks it has been heavy with presence of blood clots and now it has reduced back to very light with small clots but with a foul smell, could this be risky in anyway

    • Hi Nisieta. It is unclear what you mean by risky but needless to say that this bleeding is abnormal. The bleeding with foul smell eaises the concern of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which is a infection of the reproductive organs. However, many other gynecological conditions can cause abnormally long and heavy/light bleeding. This can range from fibroids to even cervical cancer. The only to know for sure is to see a gynecologist as soon as possible.

  127. Hi, I had my period 2 weeks ago, but the past few days I having some bleeding… when I wiped myself I saw on the tissue there was a blood clot and it was dark red. And now I bleeding like a brown discharge. There is no flow like a period and I’ve had my tubes tied a year ago… should I be worried about this? I’ve set up a appointment with my obgyn this week.

    • Hi Sarah. Hopefully you have seen the OBGYN by now. Mid-cycle bleeding as you describe can occur for a number of reasons. The brown discharge that followed it may also point towards an infection of the reproductive organs. It is also possible that this could be linked to a urinary tract infection (UTI), especially if you have been experiencing urinary symptoms like frequent urination and burning when urinating. Although a tubal ligation is very effective, there are instances where pregnancy can occur.

  128. Hello,20 years old… I’m having brown tiny clots and big black clots. No red. I have not had my period this month. I am sexully active. The clots only come out when I pee. It’s been about 2 weeks maybe.

    • Hi Bonnie. Firstly, it is possible that these clots may be coming from the urinary tract rather than from the vagina. It could be an infection. However, given that you have missed a period and are sexually active it is advisable that you have a pregnancy test. You will also need to consider the possibility of a sexually transmitted infection. It is best that you speak to your doctor and if possible consult with your gynecologist.

  129. disqus_6pJV4Ovuu7 October 3, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Last month I was due to have my period around Sept. 10th, but it never came. I am on the pill, and recently I noticed that my periods were becoming increasingly light and shorter, so I did not think too much of it when I missed my period in September completely, but took a pregnancy test just in case which was negative.

    Now, starting yesterday, I began having a dark brown discharge followed by dark reddish/brown discharge and bleeding enough to fill a tampon. Do you know any reason this would happen? It’s early into the month to get another period, was my Sept. period possibly delayed until now?

    • Hi. It’s difficult to say for sure. Firstly the discharge and blood may not be related to a period. It could be an infection, a miscarriage or even a more serious condition like cervical cancer. So you definitely need to have this checked up. The changes in your ‘periods’ is also concerning given that you are on birth control and hopefully taking it without missing any doses. There are many factors to consider here and it would be difficult to say what could be causing this. Speak to your gynecologist as soon as possible.

      • disqus_6pJV4Ovuu7 October 6, 2016 at 12:48 am

        It turned to mostly bleeding with some dark brown blood as well. Now that it is the fourth day it is slowing down. I did miss a few doses last month and would just take two pills when I realized I had missed one. I had a pap smear about four months ago and all was well.

  130. Jelissa Faith Villanueva October 10, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Hi there. I am only 18 years old, just this week, i think a 3 days having a dark brown vaginal bleeding. Is it abnormal? i’m still single and virgin, what’s the possible cause of this? and what is the possible disease it is? please give me an advice. i’m worried. thank u and God bless !

    • Hi Jelissa. Hopefully this bleed has stopped. If the bleed has not occurred around the time of your menstruation then it is considered to be an intermenstrual bleed which is not normal. It may be a sign of an infection or injury apart from the many other causes listed above. You should consult with a doctor who will probably need to conduct further tests to confirm a diagnosis. We cannot say for sure what may be cause this in your case.

  131. Rachel Lea Knopf October 12, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out. So for the past year I have had dark sticky bleeding in the middle of my cycle – typically around ovulation – lasting about 4 days. Other sources have said this is normal but its been getting darker and darker and this time its like black sludge. Ovarian Cancer runs in the family. My partner and I use the pull-out method and I am not on any birth control – I don’t think it’s a miscarriage because it happens almost every month around the same time (USUALLY).

    I went to the gyno a few months ago and told them all this and they just did a normal check-up and said I am fine and there is nothing to worry about. I do not feel they actually did anything to check if something was wrong… is there a specific check-up/testing I should be requesting?

    • Hi Rachel. If it is not occurring during or just after your menstruation then it is considered to be an intermenstrual bleed. This is not usually considered to be normal and can be linked to a host of different conditions as you can see from the article above. There is no specific test and if you are unsatisfied with the current assessment by your gynecologist, then it would be advisable for you to seek a second opinion from another gynecologist. The fact that it has been happening over the past year and there are no other signs or symptoms that you report, it is unlikely to be an acute condition like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which is an infection. The cancer risk does make this more of a concern but this is not necessarily cancer. It would be difficult for us to say with any certainty as to what could be causing this.

  132. Hello,
    I have had some brown color for about a week now. I am very irregular and I am having some testing done with my Dr. I just had a vaginal ultrasound about 7 days ago and I noticed some brown blood only as I wipe when I use the restroom, no heavy spotting, for about 5 days. I feel no difference in my body, I dont feel no pain. Could this have been the aftermath of the vaginal ultrasound? The color really concerns me.

    • Hi Susana. It is unlikely due to the ultrasound but is a possibility if the procedure was done negligently or not by an experienced practitioner. What is more likely is an infection and that needs to be investigated. Do not be misled by the lack of other symptoms like pain. It is advisable that you see your doctor again about these symptoms.

  133. HI,
    For past 1 year my regular menses started smelling really bad. 3 months ago i noticed i had abnormal spotting between my periods (it wasn’t a lot so i didn’t think much of it). This month I have had spotting the entire month every day even though I am not due for my cycle for another week. My spotting has been dark brown color mostly and fresh blood here and there. There’s still that foul smell to the spotting. I am having to change my liner at least 3 times a day. Now since my cycle is about to start in a week I am starting to feel breast tenderness and cramps. Should i be concerned?
    Thank you,

  134. Hi, I had a tubal ligation almost 5 years ago. Since then my periods last about 2 weeks to clear up and are considerably heavier. This month I thought I started my period and it was just a dark brown discharge that lasted about 4 to 5 days. I would only change once a day. Then on the 6th day I started a bleeding lightly. It’s been two weeks and it’s clearing up. I have already had ultrasounds and biopsies to check for any abnormalities but nothing! Gynecologist says it’s all normal. I don’t know what to do! Am I starting perimenopause? I’m almost 36 years old.

  135. Hi last week all of a sudden got t strong stabbing pain in my abdomen the pain was constant n lasted 12hrs then 24hrs later started my period which started off brown then darken n got heavier within uite heavy n near the colour black.Can u please help

  136. Hello,
    I’m a 22 year old female. Not on the pill anymore. About two years ago I started bleeding almost 24/7 all month long. Doctors checked me out with blood tests & a pap smear and nothing showed up. They tried me on all different birth controls which just increased my problem and made me very sick. I decided myself to go off the pill and see what would happen. The bleeding decreased a bit. I’m still having two periods a month (I know one isn’t a period) and might go for 1-2 weeks tops without bleeding between those two periods in a month. They usually last about a week, if not longer and varies with flow. I have been to a gynecologist and have had ultrasounds done, etc. and they aren’t sure why I’m having this problem and just dismissed it. And in the past couple years of my life I lost 140lbs healthy and still am having all sorts of issues and lost of what to do.

  137. Hi i am worried about this period 5 months ago i had a abnormal smear test cin 3..5 weeks ago had a lletz procedure done had 2 infections after this procedure so was on antibiotics 35 weeks of this time..i eventually stopped bleeding 7 days ago and now i have started my monthly cycle and my blood is black not passing much blood but its black with severa back and pains in my overies should i get this checked by my doctor or does this sound normal? Thank you

  138. Hey i had got my period on the 6 of November and now it is on again today but its is dark brown with clots what should i do please help me

  139. Ive had blackish sticky tar like bleeding for 2 days only other symptoms was nausea and dizzy with low back pain…..the bleeding has stopped any idea wat this was….this was not my normal cycle

  140. Gn. Last two times I had sex I bleed. It only lasted a day or two then stopped. I saw a Dr things for better but now it’s 7 weeks later (never had sex since the last time i bleed) n my “period” is about 4 days early and it’s dark brown almost black. What is wrong with me?

  141. I started spotting on November 14th it was pink spotted every day up until November 24th now it’s heavier but not as haven as my periods are the blood is dark red to black looking but I haven’t had any type of clots. My period was supposed to start on November 21st. I have some light cramps on my right side?

  142. I started spotting on November 14th it was pink spotted every day up until November 24th now it’s heavier but not as haven as my periods are the blood is dark red to black looking but I haven’t had any type of clots. My period was supposed to start on November 21st. I have some light cramps on my right side?

  143. Hi, I’m worried. Just started my period for the month 4 days ago and this long big piece of strange black jelly like something came out at the beginning and ever since then its been black brown color and very lite and i have no pain, but have headaches and been dizzy from time to time and im on the BC pill. What is this?what should I do? This doesn’t seem normal to me? Please help!

  144. I am 23 years old and have never been pregnant. I take hormonal birth control pills and my last three cycles have been extremely heavy for at least 2 days of the cycle (only 5-6 days). My last cycle I had only lasted 3 days besides a little spotting but the second day i woke up to my extra heavy Flow overnight pad had leaked (wearing it 12am-7am) and there was so much blood in soaked into the mattress pad through my shorts, sweats and sheets. i had a large black blood clot the size of a golf ball and i was quickly passing more smaller clots. I put another overnight pad on clean underwear and shorts and cleaned up my bed. As soon as I cleaned up my bed i went back to the bathroom and had to change another overnight pad (20 minutes time) I had to change it again in under an hour and then again another 45 minutes later with fear of ruining more clothes. I was feeling dizzy so I called my doctor and they told me to go to the ER. The doctor examined me (7 hours after i woke up and found the first large clot) and said she did see a small clot and a little bit of black blood. They did some lab work but they did not have anything else to tell me except that i should come back if it gets worse since it had been tapering off. I was done bleeding by the next day. No way I could’ve been pregnant and they tested me anyways and tested me for stds and everything was negative.

  145. alphie vendiola January 27, 2017 at 6:10 am

    hi. i am mae im 22 years old, im 2months delayed since december last year, and recently i have a vaginal bleeding on and off it was started 5days ago until
    now, colored pinkish to brown discharged, what could it be?

  146. Okay, so I started my period Friday and thats around the time I start but the first day my blood was black and very light, the second day it was brown and still light and the third day was red but still very light. I ended my period because it only last 3 days. I take birtcontol but I didn’t take it for two days and the third day I took it at 9pm when I usually take it at 3:30. Throughout the pack I took it late, but is this normal? Btw the third pill was the start of my brown pills and I was already on my period

  147. Katelynn Dingwell February 1, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Hi there, I just started discharging brown and black yesterday around lunch time. I have got my period yet. I’m getting pains in my stomach. And feeling light headed. I’m worried. Should I get this checked out?

    • Hi Katelynn. Yes, please do consult with your doctor as soon as possible if this is still persisting. There are a host of different conditions which could be causing these symptoms and some may be very serious.

  148. Hi,

    I am on the Nuvaring, and I had to take it out in order to have my period 96 hours ago, but my period only started today. It was dark brown and very thick, so thick it could look like feces. I have had cramps during the day, and in the last weekend, I had next to no sleep and a fairly big quantity of alcohool at parties. I have had a lot of stress in the past week. I haven’t had unprotected sex. This has happened before but never four days after I took out my Nuvaring. Could someone help me please?

  149. I want to ask the brown or black discharge after taking sandoz to delay periods ….
    Is that periods start or not?? I want to go vaisnodevi plzzz suggest me anything to stop this…is ther any medicine for this???it is urgent bcoz i hv started my journey and cant go back

  150. hi – i just had a pap and all normal but i’m pre menopause and this period is extra long – on and off for over 30 days – and light flow – and the color has gone from bright red to dark brown/almost black – but no pelvic pain/weird discharge/smell or anything else strange – any idea? is this just menopause kicking in?

    • Hi Susie. It could be the onset of menopause but it is difficult to say for sure. It could also be an infection or a number of other possible causes as you can see from the article above. It is advisable that you have this assessed by your gynecologist just to be sure that it is nothing serious.

  151. Hi, I’m 31 years old. 2 weeks of my ovulation I have had black bleeding. Is it miscarriage? Please help.

    • Hi Ranjita. There is no way that we can say for sure. You need to have a pregnancy test to confirm whether you were pregnant or not. If you are/were pregnant then there is a possibility of a miscarriage. There may also be other conditions that could be causing this. Your family doctor will be able to advise you further.

  152. Maria Goretti Salazar-Jaramill March 15, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    I am 49 years old and have fibroids, I’m on birth control to stop the fibroids from growing and to reduce the length of my periods. I am having dark brown to black spotting on the first day of my period now, is this normal?

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