Considering Breast Surgery? Things To Consider…

1) Is your doctor or the surgeon board certified or fully qualified and experienced? Does the specialist represent a reputable surgery/clinic? It is important you ask these questions as there have been and will continue to be “botch jobs” carried out by non-certified or experienced doctors the world over. Don’t become a horror story.

2) Are you absolutely sure you want to undergo what will be a body changing and often emotionally changing experience? Talk to your parents, your partner and others who have underwent breast surgery first before it is too late. You don’t want to regret your decision after the event.

3) Know the risks. Any operation or surgical procedure carries a risk or many risks depending on the surgery and patient and it is important you know these risks fully before going ahead with a decision that may change your life or a decision that may not be overturned. Make it your business to know the risks. A good doctor or specialist will go through all the risks with you.

4) Always notify loved ones, parents or someone close that you are to have surgery in case of an emergency. Always provide your doctor or specialist with a contact number. Many women undergo surgery secretly to surprise their partner or family and friends or because they fear being dissuaded from going ahead with the surgery.

5) This may sound drastic and off-putting, but do you have a will? People have died on the operating table from all kinds of complications without leaving a will to their partner or loved ones.

6) Insurance is important. While most insurance firms won’t cover you for cosmetic surgery, it’s always wise to have some kind of health insurance cover.

7) After care is vitally important. Left to your own devices or in the wrong hands of unqualified people can cause major complications. The better clinics or plastic surgery firms will have an extensive after care program. Pay the extra as your health and recovery is more important than penny pinching.

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