Breast Pain Information

yclical mastalgia is more common than non-cyclical breast pain in women and is linked with the menstrual cycle which develops due to the monthly hormonal changes.

Cyclical breast pain usually involves both breasts resulting in a soreness or tenderness that can extend to the armpit and arm.

Women suffering with this form of breast pain complain of heaviness in the breasts as if weighted down and the pain is more severe at the start of a period, going away towards the end of the monthly cycle.

Cyclical mastalgia is more common in younger women and usually dissipates without treatment, and disappearing completely at the menopause stage.

Non-cyclical breast pain on the other hand is more common in women in their 40s or 50s and usually only occurs in one of the breast, with sufferers reporting a sharp burning sensation.

The cause of non-cyclical mastalgia could be due to previous injury trauma to the breasts, a cyst or fibroadenoma and while this form of breast pain doesn’t usually indicate breast cancer, it is best advised to see a specialist.

There is another form of breast pain – costochondritis – that actually doesn’t involve the breasts but that is where the pain is felt most in sufferers.

This form of pain is arthritic and stems from the middle of the chest area where the ribs and breast bone plate join up. Costochondritis is the result of poor posture or the ageing process.

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