Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift – What's the Difference?

And for a woman, guess which major body parts start to feel the effect first? Yep, the breasts bear the brunt of these changes. Before the advent of plastic surgery, ladies just put up with Mother Nature stomping all over their looks.

Now they have options to regain those supple, firm breasts of their younger years. Breast augmentation and breast lifts are two of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures for women.

And while the preparation and recovery times for both surgeries can be similar, it is the results that can be vastly different. The breast lift, also known as mastoplexy, does not change the size of your breasts.

Rather, the breasts are raised and the contours reshaped to eliminate sagging and restore a more youthful, perky appearance. During your breast lift surgery, the cosmetic surgeon relocates the position of your nipples and areola.

The excess, sagging skin is excised from underneath your breasts. This tightens the rest of the skin and provides the lift. For the most part, scars are minimal and usually located underneath the breasts where it is less likely to be seen.

For breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, the entire look of your breasts changes. That is, implants are used to increase your bust line. There are numerous reasons why women might have breast augmentation.

For one, they might have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and the augmentation is part of their reconstructive surgery. Some ladies have asymmetrical breasts and an augmentation is one way to even up the size of a breast in proportion to the other.

Or, the woman just is tired of her small bust line and wants to gain another cup size or two in her bra. Many times, breast augmentation is done in conjunction with a breast lift. With the insertion of implants, the skin might stretch a little too much to accommodate the bigger breast size.

So rather than have to go in for a breast lift at a later date, the procedure is often done at the same time as the augmentation. Some people get breast augmentations and breast lifts confused with one another.

However, there is a simple way to keep them straight. Just think of breast lifts as being “a hand up” and breast augmentation as being a “hand out.” Or to be more literal, keep in mind that augmentation means “adding to,” and with a breast augmentation, something is definitely being added – a noticeable bust line!

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  1. This information is something all women should know about. I am considering getting the breast augmentation procedure done.

  2. I’m 29 and the girls have always sagged.. I’ve never had perky breast even at the age 15. I’m not comfortable with myself and I just want the confidence with my body that I should have and it puts a big strain on my relationship. I need to know the prices and how much more I need to save for this surgery. Thank you!!

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