Breast Cancer Myths

Myth #1 – Breast cancer doesn’t run in my family so I’m not at risk!

False! A history of breast cancer in the family may put you at a higher risk of getting breast cancer but this disease isn’t selective and can effect any women, healthy or unhealthy. 80% of women with breast cancer had no initial identifiable risk factors.

Myth #2 – Younger women are more likely to get breast cancer than older women

False! In fact, as women get older, the chances of getting breast cancer increases. Age is one of the biggest risk factors in breast cancer.

Myth #3 – Stress can cause breast cancer

False! No study or research has shown that stress, anxiety or depression leads to or causes breast cancer.

Myth #4 – Breast feeding can cause breast cancer

False! Breast feeding doesn’t cause or lead to breast cancer. In fact, current study and research suggests breast feeding may well slightly help reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.

Myth #5 – Antiperspirants can cause breast cancer

False! This is a myth spread by the internet and simply not true. No research or study suggests using antiperspirants influences breast cancer.

Myth #6 – Breast cancer only affects older women

False! Breast cancer risk may increase with age but breast cancer can and does affect women of all ages.

Myth #7 – If you are at risk of breast cancer, you will get breast cancer

False! Some women who have one of the numerous risk factors such as inherited gene abnormality or old-age, don’t go on to develop breast cancer. While you are more likely to develop the disease if you are at risk from it, breast cancer is not a certainty.

Myth #8 – Birth control pills can cause breast cancer

False! The link between birth control pills and breast cancer is tenuous. Higher dose pills were in the past linked with an increase in risk factor but research and study today confirm that birth control pills do not lead to or cause breast cancer. Indeed these pills can help combat ovarian cancer.

Myth #9 – Regular self breast examination is the beast way to diagnose breast cancer

False! Film-screen mammography is the best form of breast cancer diagnosis. However self and professional breast examination is still very important as it is the most practical form of diagnosis.

Myth #10 – Breast cancer is a death sentence

False! Many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have went on to recover and live a long life. The key is early detection and subsequent treatment. With modern treatment methods, research and study always ongoing, breast cancer isn’t the death sentence it was once perceived to be.

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