Breast Augmentation Info

With breast augmentation now costing on average $3,000, it is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. Most women who undergo breast augmentation these days do so after child birth, weight loss or simply due to the ageing process as breasts can lose their shape and volume after such changes.

However more and more women are changing the way they look for confidence and psychological reasons or to boost their relationship between the sheets with partners. Likewise some women undergo breast augmentation to boost their career prospects; models and actresses for example.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The procedure involves making a small incision underneath each breast, around the areola, under the armpit or very rarely through the navel, creating a pocket for the implants and then placing the implants in those pockets. The implants can consist of silicone, saline or an alternative implant filled with gel depending on the advice of the consultant or the desire of the patient.

The surgery can last from anywhere between 1 to 3 hours depending on the technique used, the anatomy of the patient, the type of implants to be used, the placement of the implants and the actual anesthesia used to carry out the operation.

Breast Augmentation Risks

Risks can vary and depend on all kinds of things from the anatomy of the patient, the surgeon or consultant used, the operation itself, the health of the patient at the time of the operation, the implants used, the age of the patient, anesthesia risks, infection to the actual recovery process.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Most breast augmentation patients undergo the operation as outpatients meaning in most cases the patient can return home the very same day. Recovery varies from patient to patient but rest is very important for the healing process with limited arm movement a must for the first week after the operation. Breast support, a supportive bra, can be used to keep movement to a minimum.

Scarring will be pinkish and tender for a few weeks but will fade within a few months of the operation. After a few days the dressing gauze will be removed and the stitches will be removed within 7-10 days.

Patients can resume exercise or sex within 1-2 months of the operation and in most cases full recovery can be achieved within 3-4 months of having breast augmentation. It is important that all patients draw up a recovery plan with the consultant to fit around your lifestyle.

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