The Two Different Types of Anorexia

There are two different types of Anorexia that people suffer from; the first is restricting anorexia and the second, binge eating/purging anorexia. The underlying characteristics for both types are basically the same; with both types of anorexia the sufferer will have a total fear of weight gain.

The sufferer will also have a greatly distorted vision of there own body, they will always see themselves as being overweight even when they are no more than barely skin and bones.

Both types of anorexia may also include depression as a symptom and as a result of there denial of the problem it is often friends and relatives who are the first to notice and bring up the fact that they do indeed have an illness.

Anorexia is thought be a “women’s problem” but while it is true that it does affect more women than men; men do suffer from anorexia too. The disease most commonly occurs in young women between the age of 15 and 18 and often the onset usually occurs during adolescence, it can also occur in later life but this is rare. With the right kind anorexia treatments, the sufferer can recover but may takes months or sometimes years.

Binge/purging Anorexia

The anorexic suffering from bingeing anorexia will have the tendency to induce vomiting once they have eaten. The sufferer will eat and once digested they will immediately be overcome with a sense of guilt for the actions and will force themselves to be sick to rid themselves of the food.

This can lead to serious problems with the digestive system and in particular the oesophagus which due to the acid could burst or rupture. Another form of purging is with the use of laxatives many anorexics think that the use of laxatives can actually help lose weight but they are wrong as laxatives only work at the lower end of the bowel.

Restrictive Anorexia

The second type of anorexia is called restrictive, as the name suggests the sufferer will restrict the amount of food taken into the body, with this type of anorexia the sufferer won’t eat binge on food and then vomit, they just don’t eat.

The will have the same overall thoughts and feelings about how there body looks and will have the same fear that they are overweight, the same sense of worthlessness and they can be affected greatly by depression which goes hand in hand with anorexia.

The sufferer may also exercise sometimes to the extreme in the attempt to rid them selves of the fat they see themselves as having.

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