What Anorexia Treatments Options Are Available

There are several different treatment options available for the anorexic, the most important and first step on the road to recovering from anorexia is the moment the sufferer admits they do in fact have a problem. This is the hardest and most crucial one but one that’s necessary on order to make any progress towards establishing regular and “normal” eating habits.

The road to total recovery can be a long one and it’s not always an easy one, it’s not just a simple case of starting to eat properly and putting on weight, the anorexic also has to have a clear understanding of what happened to them.

They will have change the deep rooted feelings they have and the way they think not only about food but also what they think of themselves too.

No Wonder Pill

There is no magic wonder pill we can pop into our mouths three or four times a day to cure anorexia, in fact there has been very little good research written about the various treatment options available for anorexia.

In fact it isn’t written in stone that the various treatment options will work for certain, only one thing is known for sure and that is the sufferer themselves hold the closest thing to a “wonder” pill within themselves with the admission of the problem. That alone is a huge step on the road to recovery which once has been taken then looking into the various options of treatment is the next way to go.

Some of the Options Available

Here will be listed very briefly several options that are available for the anorexic to take, a more detailed look into each option will follow in a series of articles on the specific option.


Psychotherapy isn’t a daunting as its name might suggest, the treatment is simple “talking”. Though in fact as simple as talking is a great deal of benefit can be gained by just that, talking and getting your deep-set fears and thoughts out in the open. Read More…

Cognitive therapy

This therapy helps you change your negative thoughts and feelings by replacing them with positive thoughts, it helps you gain a better insight into yourself as a person and gives you back control over the person you are not the one you have become. Read More…


Anti-depressants were once thought to be a method suited in the treatment of anorexia but now are advised against in the belief that simply won’t be beneficial. Read More…


If the anorexic has lost weight to the extreme that they are severely under nourished then a hospital stay be may be advised by the physician.

Hormone Supplements

Oestrogen supplements may be offered as treatment simply because it will help build up bones that have become weak due to the strain the sufferer has put on there body with refusal to eat properly.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc is another method thought to be useful in the treatment of anorexia; Zinc is thought to help the anorexic put on weight.


There are several options available as potential treatment for the anorexic sufferer, entering a clinic to attend a course is one of them. Your doctor can help you find one in your area or there are several to be found online. Read More…

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