Programmes The Anorexia Sufferer Can Enter

There are several options available as potential treatment for the anorexic sufferer, entering a clinic to attend a course is one of them. Your doctor can help you find one in your area or there are several to be found online. Such clinics have on board staff that has been trained in every aspect of caring for the anorexic and understand what you and your body are going through.

In fact many of the staff may have gone through eating disorders them selves so they understand the feelings and thoughts that are generally associated with anorexia. Treatment at clinics of this type is usually tailored to fit the individual themselves as everyone is different in the way anorexia affects them.

Anorexics will all have the same symptoms as the base of there illness but the physiological aspect of the illness will vary from person to person.

At these types of centres specialising in anorexia and eating disorders they have a varied selection of personnel at hand to assist you in your recovery including doctors, psychiatrists, dieticians and counsellors, all of which are there to help both the sufferer and there family.

What Will Happen?

On admission into the programme a full assessment will be given which may include a full medical examination, a nutritional assessment, blood tests and a psychological assessment will be given. Once the results have been collaborated a full personal plan directed at you will be worked out and talked through with you, this will be the basis for your step to recovery from anorexia.

The Treatments

Counselling will be given either as an individual or family therapy or even both if need be, there will also be talks on how to reduce stress, both within you as a person and in the family as a unit. Creative expression can be used as a form of therapy which will allow you to get out all your negative thoughts and feelings and just be yourself.

Aftercare will also be discussed for when you are on the road to recovery this will ascertain how you will be able to cope once the program has been completed and also help with any worries you might have of the anorexia returning in the future.

The Programs

As well as the inpatient programme, this is a dedicated 24 hour program. Usually other options are available such as a day-care programme, this is still a structured programme but the difference being the sufferer is in there own home environment.

Also at many centres of its kind there is an out-patient programme which is usually for the evenings, an after care programme is available at most clinics for those who have progressed through the other programmes to the point they only need weekly help.

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