Anorexia In The Work Place

The person suffering from an eating disorder is able to work as any other person does, the anorexic is no exception. Most people with anorexia are able to continue working particularly if the illness has been recognised and is being treated with the help of a doctor.

The only noticeably difference that may stand out from the rest of the staff is that due to the fact of month’s or even years of trying to reach perfection, the person suffering from anorexia may go to incredible lengths to reach any targets given or to meet deadlines.

Study has also shown that certain types of jobs seem to attract those suffering from eating disorders more than others, typical examples of these types of jobs are, catering, nursing, fitness, modelling and jobs relating to PR work and in the fashion industry.

It may seem strange for a person to be suffering from anorexia to want to find employment in the food industry but more reasonable that they would work in fashion or modelling. These are only a few examples and of course the person with an eating disorder is capable of doing any kind of work.

As an employer it is essential that an interest is taken in every member of staff they employ and all employers should be concerned about their staff. Employing the anorexic person or those suffering from any other eating disorder shouldn’t cause any problems in the working environment; indeed 9 times out of 10 the employer won’t even realise the person has an illness such as anorexia.

Finding out a Member of Your Staff Has an Eating Disorder People

with an eating disorder such as anorexia don’t want or need any special requirements from the employer; they are no different from the person say who suffers from asthma. More often than not it will only be brought to the attention of the employer through a work colleague who may have concerns.

It may then be wise for the employer to have a chat with the sufferer of anorexia, it can’t hurt to let them know you are willing to help in anyway you can. Occasionally the employer will notice a difference after a length of time and again a quiet word is all that’s needed.

How You Can Help Your Staff Member

The anorexic doesn’t need any special treatment in the workplace, they just need to be accepted as any other member of staff and feel they are a positive contributor to the workplace.

It might a good idea to make sure the guidelines are set as to what you expect from them in their work and sometimes the anorexic may require time off from work to attend doctors appointments or therapist treatments, but that is nothing unusual as the majority of staff will maybe at some time or other require time off for medical reasons.

The important thing for the employer to remember is that the person suffering from anorexia or indeed any eating disorder is no different from any other member of staff, indeed if anything they will be some of the most hardworking and loyal members of the workforce you could ever employ.

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