Addictions overview


People can become addicted to just about anything which gives them pleasure. Addiction is described as a chronic disorder which is characterised by the repeated use of substances or behaviour which becomes detrimental to ourselves and those around us. Here are some of the most common types of addiction:

Heroin – This is a narcotic drug which is highly addictive and symptoms of addiction are, having no control over the amount taken or needed, a strong compulsion to use the drug through any means necessary and a deterioration of lifestyle.

Alcohol – This is a hypnotic sedative which is available anywhere legally to those over 18, symptoms of addiction to alcohol are, drinking anytime day or night, drinking uncontrollably in large amounts and organising your lifestyle around drinking.

Nicotine – This is one of the substances found in cigarettes and is a powerful addictive drug, the symptoms of addiction to nicotine are, chain smoking one after the other, lighting up as soon as you wake up and becoming agitated when you can’t have a cigarette.

Food addiction – Food addictions are linked to anorexia and bulimia, people with food addictions will binge on food eating up to four times the amount a normal person would do in the same time then purge the food by inducing vomiting.

Gambling – People addicted to gambling will gamble on anything and everything losing a vast amount of money in a short space of time and getting deep into debt, this brings feelings of depression, anxiety, worthlessness and suicidal thoughts.

Sex – People with this addiction will spend every waking hour thinking of ways to get sex and sexual gratification; they often have sex with strangers and put their partner’s lives and their own at risk through contracting diseases.

Shopping – This addiction will cause the person to spend a vast amount of money on shopping; this is often buying items which are not needed or expensive gifts and leaves the addict with serious debt problems and breakdown of relationships.

Internet and computer – Signs that someone is addicted to the internet or computer are, making excuses to be at the computer, feeling irritable when not at the computer, lying about the time spent at the computer and losing all track of time when using the computer spending hours at a time on it. Problems associated with addiction to the computer or internet is carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, dry eyes and sleep problems.

Work – The person will take on more and more work often much more than they can feasibly manage to do and problems which arise from this are breakdown in relationships, gastric problems, headaches or migraine, anxiety and sleeplessness

Exercise – The person addicted to exercise will often workout for more than 90 minutes every day 7 days a week which has the opposite effect of working out in the first place and puts a huge amount of strain on the body. Adverse effects from over exercising are anxiety, sleeplessness, anorexia, bulimia and fatigue.

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