Getting help for your addictions

Addiction help

It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you have the most important step to making a recovery and being free from addiction is admitting the problem in the first place. The next step is to get some help in recovering; the first person you can turn to for help is your Doctor.

Admitting your problem

Admitting that you have an addiction can be a frightening thing and takes a lot of courage but your Doctor is there to help you and give you advice on further steps which can be taken for your addiction. The more open you are and the more you can tell your Doctor about your addiction the more help they can give you, you must also be prepared to answer your Doctor honestly when he/she asks you questions relating to your problem.

Helping someone with an addiction

Depending on the type of addiction your Doctor may need to refer you to a clinic specialising in the treatment of your addiction and the problems associated with it. If for example your addiction is drugs then a combination of help may be offered which is called shared-care, your Doctor may take care of you while also seeking help from specialists in drugs and social workers or psychiatrists.

Questions your Doctor may ask

  • How long have you been addicted?
  • Why do you want to quit the addiction?
  • Why do you think you become addicted in the first place?
  • If you are using drugs then which drugs have you used in the past and what drugs are you taking now?
  • How you have used drugs, for example inhalation of cocaine or injection?
  • How often you have used drugs in the past?
  • Have you ever managed to quit your addiction in the past and if so for how long?
  • What help and treatment you had in the past for helping with your addiction?
  • How did you feel when you tried to quit your addiction in the past?
  • What made you turn back to your addiction?
  • Are you willing to help yourself over come the addiction this time?

Choice of the treatment provided?

Several Doctors have undergone special training in addiction and have clinics within the surgery; more and more Doctors are offering treatment for addictions this way and will have several programmes for different types of addiction.

If your addiction needs more specialised care then your Doctor may refer you to a clinic which can offer you the help and support that you need.

Whenever possible the addict is given the choice of where they want to be treated and some prefer to be in an environment they know and with a person they know such as their Doctor, while others prefer to be treated in a specialised addiction centre where they are surrounded by people with the same problem.

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