Programmes to help deal with drug addiction

Drug addiction treatment

Listed below are several different programmes to help people to recover from drug addiction, each programme is designed to tackle certain issues of addiction and the problems it can bring the person. The programmes are treatments which are designed to work alongside any existing treatment programmes the addict may be in and to enhance them.

The Matrix Programme

This programme was designed to help those addicted to stimulants quit their addiction, during the programme addicts will learn about the critical issues this addiction brings and aids in the prevention of relapse. While in the programme addicts will receive help and support from trained therapists and will be continually monitored for use of drugs while attending the programme.

The program is also aimed at families of the addicts who are affected by their loved ones being addiction. Research has shown that addicts attending this programme have shown significant reductions in the use of drug and alcohol and have made improvements psychologically. The treatment has also shown to be successful in the treatment of cocaine and opiate addicts.

Supportive expressive psychotherapy

This programme is aimed at cocaine and heroin addicts and has two main parts:

  • Support techniques – These help the addict to talk openly about their addiction and personal experiences.
  • Expressive techniques – These help the addict to realise and find answers to interpersonal problems.

In this problem emphasis is put on the role the drug use plays in relation to feelings and behaviour and helps the addict to see how problems can be solved without turning to drugs. Studies have showed that many of the addicts attending this programme maintained what they had learned on leaving the programme.

Individualised drug counselling

This programmes focuses directly on stopping or reducing drug use and focuses on issues associated with the use of drugs such as the problems they cause in families, unemployment and illegal activities.

The programme places emphasis on short term behavioural goals and addicts are given individualized counselling to help them develop strategies for coping with refraining from taking drugs and keeping off drugs in the future. This type of programme when combined with others has proved to be a great success with users of cocaine and heroin when treated as out patients.

Motivational enhancement therapy

This programmes is an approach to changing behaviour patterns in those addicted to drugs, it involves strategies designed to bring out rapid and motivated changes in the addict. The programme consists of an initial assessment which is then followed by individual treatment sessions with a therapist.

The therapist will devise a plan for the addict which strengthens their motivation for giving up the addiction which helps in the prevention of relapse. This programme has had great success in the treatment of those addicted to alcohol and substances such as marijuana.

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