Addicted to work


Many of us have heard the term workaholic and perhaps have only said it in jest but becoming addicted to work can actually become a problem and it is one that can have just as devastating effect on our social life and those we love than becoming addicted to any drug. Being a workaholic can also have serious effects on the person’s health just as with any addiction to drugs or alcohol does.

Some of the problems caused by this addiction are

  • Strains in relationships to the point of breakdown.
  • Headaches, sleep disorders, gastric problems and chronic fatigue.
  • Obsession with being in control.
  • Overall productivity begins to suffer.

Recent studies have shown that there are basically three stages to work addiction or being a workaholic.

The beginning

In the beginning the worker gets busier and busier often taking on more work than it is realistically possible for them to do comfortably, the will begin to put in more and more hours and find that taking time off work is almost impossible. Workers at this stage often find that if they do take more than a couple of weeks away from work they start to pine for work and want to get back to it, they start feeling stressed from lack of work.

The middle

During this stage family life will begin to suffer as the workaholic throws themselves deeper into work and begins spending more time at work and less time with the ones they love. When they are at home then their mind isn’t, it is still with work and what could have been done or should have done there. During this stage the physical effects of over work begin to show themselves and the workaholic may have trouble sleeping and relaxing so they begin to feel tired all the time.

The last stage

During the last stage the person will by now be spending more and more time at work and will be feeling the physical signs of over work more, feelings such as constant pressure, headaches or migraines, a rise in blood pressure, chronic fatigue, ulcers and they will have greatly increased their risk of having a stroke.

What you can do to break the addiction

  • Make time away from work to be with family and friends rebuild your relationship.
  • Make time to look after your body, see your Doctor and have a through examination.
  • Learn to relax more at home.
  • Remember that if it doesn’t have to be done today then leave it until tomorrow.
  • Get up from your desk every hour for at least 5 minutes to stretch, walk and take time to say hello when passing co workers.
  • Review realistic goals for working which allows for holidays and time spent with family and friends.

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