Addiction and Abuse

Treatments for drug addiction

Treatments for drug addiction vary greatly on factors such as the type of drug the person is addicted to and the type of person they are, successful treatments for addicts will usually be a combination of [Read More ...]

What causes addiction?

Every one of us understands the severity of becoming addicted to something, and most know the impact addictions can have on family, friends and relationships as well as on our health. Yet each and every year [Read More ...]

What is addiction?

Addictions Addiction is a very complex problem which affects an individual in many different ways including their physical and mental health and if left over any period of time it can have a dire effect on [Read More ...]

Addicted to work

Addictions Many of us have heard the term workaholic and perhaps have only said it in jest but becoming addicted to work can actually become a problem and it is one that can have just as devastating effect on [Read More ...]
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