Big Mac+Medium Fries+Medium Soda=1,130 calories!

New York food chains post calorie info on their menus

At last customers would find facts about their meal choices at different big fast-food chains in New York City. Big Mac+ medium fries+ medium soda= 1, 1 30 calories and yeah these facts would be hard to swallow for some.

The city’s chain restaurants resisted for months against this first-of-its-kind rule but now they are willing to post calorie counts on their menus.

New menu boards, at different locations in the city, have been unveiled by McDonald’s and Burger King.

An anti-obesity campaign that bans artificial Trans fats in restaurant food all around the city also includes these new rules. The rules were   passed in 2006 but they underwent some changes after a court battle.

The new calorie posting rule was due in May but it couldn’t be implemented because of delay in legal action. The rule will be implemented from Saturday and if the calorie information isn’t disclosed at the menu, chains will face penalties of more than $2,000 per store.

On Friday, it was quite hard to read the numbers at the menus of some restaurants while some other restaurants mentioned calorie count only on their few top selling items. The rule is still being ignored by a few chains with the hope that court would block the plan.

Almost 2,000 calories per day are recommended for adults and they depend on their gender, age and activity.

Some customers were seen grabbing burgers, shakes, and fries this week, ignoring the new column of calorie data on menus.

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