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Popular Articles

heart valves

Angina Pectoris

Definition Angina pectoris is a condition where there is pain or discomfort in the chest which occurs when the heart’s demand for oxygen exceeds the supply. The pain arises as the muscle tissue is damaged due to insufficient oxygen for its increased activity. The heart is supplied with oxygenated blood by the coronary arteries. Most […]



What is a mucocele? A mucocele is a dome-shaped mucus-filled cyst located on the inner lining of the mouth (oral mucosa). The mouth cavity contains numerous minor salivary glands. These glands are present all over the oral mucosa. The trauma or obstruction of these glands causes accumulation of fluids below the mucosa. This phenomenon gives […]

body lice

Head Lice and Nits (Scalp Parasite Infestation)

Definition Head lice are small, wingless parasites found on the scalp. Head lice (Pediculus humanus var. capitis) infest the head and scalp for food and shelter. They live on scalp and feed on blood. Head lice infestation is a very common problem in schoolgirls between 5 to 11 and their close contacts but can affect […]

Woman having a heart attack

Warning Signs that Chest Pain is Heart Pain

Pain is a sensation that all of us experience several times in life, from the time we are born. It may be due to a minor injury, a strained muscle or some underlying disease. And the location of pain often correlates with the area that is under distress. However, there are few types of localized […]

Causes of Vaginal Odor | ‘Smelly Vagina’

An offensive odor from the vagina is an ailment that many women suffer with and may be the cause of much embarrassment, especially during times of intimacy. Preventing vaginal odor is unavoidable but the presence of an offensive smell needs to be tackled as it may indicate other health related issues. In most cases, a […]

The Two Different Types of Anorexia

There are two different types of Anorexia that people suffer from; the first is restricting anorexia and the second, binge eating/purging anorexia. The underlying characteristics for both types are basically the same; with both types of anorexia the sufferer will have a total fear of weight gain. The sufferer will also have a greatly distorted […]

Itchy Breasts – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Itchy breasts may occur infrequently for most women and seem quite unimportant at the time but if it persists, it can prove to be both an embarrassing and uncomfortable ailment. The odd case of itchiness of the breast is not a cause for concern – maybe it was that new dress that was a bit […]

Know your Breast – Causes of Nipple Discharge

The reason women who don’t have babies do not see the nipple discharge on a regular occasion is because small pieces of breast tissue block the nipple ducts which keep the fluid within the breast instead of seeing lactation. After becoming pregnant, the tissue is released to allow for lactation, in turn making it possible […]

Breast Fungus Treatment – Itchy Fungal Rash Under the Breast

A breast fungus, in the skin folds between the breast and chest, is a more common fungal infection than previously thought although many women suffer silently with this skin infection. A fungus under the breast is both uncomfortable and awkward as the intense itching has to often be ignored due to the sensitive nature of […]

Brown Menstrual (Period) Blood and Black Vaginal Bleeding

Menstrual blood is usually bright to dark red and may or may not have some clots. It should not be brown to black and if it is then it needs to be investigated further. The main reason why blood may appear these colors is due to degradation of the blood cells either due to exposure […]

Thrush symptoms, treatment & prevention

Women’s health & fitness guide Vaginal thrush is the common name for candidiasis or yeast infection, it is a common infection and most women will have an attack of thrush at some time in their lives, with some women being susceptible to recurrent attacks more than others. Thrush is an overgrowth of yeast, this is […]

Abdominal (Stomach) Pain and Menstrual Cramps

Stomach cramps or cramping abdominal pain can be due to a vast number of causes, some easily manageable while others may be life threatening, requiring immediate medical attention. Often stomach cramps are mistaken for menstrual cramps in women and vice versa. This can hamper the diagnosis of other conditions responsible for the pain and cramping […]

What Happens To The Teenage Anorexic Sufferer?

Gradually over a period of perhaps weeks or months you have seen a change in your child, at first it was hardly noticeably perhaps a change in there mood or there habits were the first sign that something was amiss. The change probably didn’t give you cause to worry too much, being a teenage girl […]

Anorexia: The Family Suffers Too

Having an anorexic in the family takes a huge toll on all of the family members involved in many different ways. It is not only the person actually suffering from anorexia that has the problem and some people never think of the others involved but only of the person actual suffering from the disease. Anorexia […]

Bulimia Breakdown: What This Eating Disorder Does to the Body

It could be the girl next door or your high school History teacher. The football player or class president you read about in the local paper. Bulimia is an eating disorder that can happen to anyone. Unlike Anorexia where the eating disorder is readily apparent through a huge weight loss, Bulimia can be successively hidden […]

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift – What’s the Difference?

And for a woman, guess which major body parts start to feel the effect first? Yep, the breasts bear the brunt of these changes. Before the advent of plastic surgery, ladies just put up with Mother Nature stomping all over their looks. Now they have options to regain those supple, firm breasts of their younger […]

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